House DeVir was a drow house of Menzoberranzan.[4]


House DeVir was constructed among five floor-to-ceiling, hollow stalagmites in the midst of a mushroom grove on the plateau of Qu'ellarz'orl.[1][2] The house was protected by gargoyles, traps, glyphs, and wards.[5] Additionally, every fifth mushroom around the compound was a shrieker that would make loud noises when potential attackers approached.[2]


In 1297 DR, House DeVir was the fourth house and planned to target the third house for destruction. In the plot, Matron Mother Ginafae DeVir used her clerical powers to aid a patrol of svirfneblin so that they would kill the wizard son of the third house. By doing so, Ginafae and her house lost the favor of Lolth. House Do'Urden, the tenth house, took advantage of their vulnerable state and destroyed House DeVir.[4] Fifty commoners of the house joined House Do'Urden.[6]

However, despite the apparent fall of the house, one noble lived on in the city: Alton DeVir, a student at Sorcere who survived an attempted assassination by Gelroos Hun'ett, the "Faceless One" (so named because a terrible accident had scarred his face). Masoj Hun'ett, Gelroos's apprentice, killed Gelroos, and Alton DeVir scarred his face with acid in order to take over his identity. Alton's secret was not discovered until nineteen years later, when Matron SiNafay Hun'ett came to speak with him and realized he was not her son. However, she continued the ruse, accepting Alton as part of House Hun'ett as part of that house's plots against House Do'Urden. In the end, Alton was killed by his own wand of lightning when he attempted to take the life of Drizzt Do'Urden in 1328 DR.[4]



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