House Despana was a drow noble house[1][2][3] which was spread across many drow cities. One was located in the Vhaeraun-dominated Rilauven in the north, another was based in the devoutly Lolth-worshiping Ust Natha further to the south. A third section of the family was a minor house of Menzoberranzan.

Organization Edit

House Despana was a powerful noble House, with their members and branches scattered throughout the Underdark. They mainly resided in Rilauven and Ust Natha. Because of their religious preference and philosophies of life, the house was mainly split in two. [1]

Rilauven branch Edit

The most influential member of this branch was Malavon Despana, who was also a talented wizard[4] and archmage of Rilauven[1]. Unlike most drow, many of this branch believed in egalitarianism.[1]

Ust Natha branch Edit

This branch was headed by Matron Mother Ardulace, a powerful drow cleric. The Ust Natha branch employed the typical drow philosophy of female dominance and worship of Lolth. This branch was known for forming an alliance with Irenicus, who planned on attacking Suldanessellar.[2]


Some members of the House turned against the typical matriarchal society of dark elves, and assumed power in a coup. After this, many of them went on to worship Vhaeraun instead of Lolth.[1]


The Rilhauven and Ust Natha branch were related to each other by blood, and had a dark past.

Family tree Edit

Malfeem Despana
Ardulace Despana
Malavon Despana Ginafae Despana Ilmryn Despana Phaere Despana




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