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Symbol of House Dlardrageth

House Dlardrageth was originally a sun elf house of Cormanthor[1] and a proud and powerful family in ancient Arcorar[2] until they chose to give themselves to demons, courting incubi and succubi, in an attempt to strengthen their line to gain the power necessary to seize the throne[1][3] and rebuild the ruin of Aryvandaar.[4] They were discovered by the Coronal and their house was destroyed, most of the members being imprisoned magically inside Arcorar's keep,[4][3] but some escaped to ancient Siluvanede, where they turned some other houses to evil.[2] The emblem of the House is a dracophoenix.[5] Their numbers, amongst others, constitute the daemonfey.[6] The Dlardrageth tower near Myth Drannor has long since been abandoned.[7]


Over hundreds of years, the house was responsible for the corruption and poisoning of the houses of Reithel, Yesve and others of Siluvanede[4] and the destruction of Sharrven. They were bound and imprisoned after committing these acts,[8] and the last mention of the house was in relation to the Seven Citadels' War,[2] which the house provoked, but they were found out soon after, being imprisoned beneath Ascalhorn.[4]