House Duskryn was a drow house of Menzoberranzan. They won the charter from House Baenre that allowed them to loot the city of Blingdenstone.[4]


The nobles of the house were known for their cruelty which they enacted seemingly for their own perverse amusement. Duskryn consistently trained some of the best armies in Menzoberranzan for the 3,000 years since the house's founding. Advancement was awarded for performance, not noble stature as was the norm in most other houses. However, all of the most famous military victories of the house were defensive rather than offensive in nature.[5]


In the 7th century DR, House Duskryn came under repeated attacks from several other noble houses that were all successfully repelled. Rumors persisted that all of these attacks were planned by Matron Yvonnel Baenre.[5]

In 1484 DR, House Duskryn was the ninth house and set to become the eighth house (and thus part of the Ruling Council) after the departure of House Xorlarrin to Q'Xorlarrin. However, Quenthel Baenre restored House Do'Urden and granted it the eighth place instead.[2]


Duskryn admitted no enemies, as their large and well-trained army made them an implausible target for any lesser house. They only achieved their council seat after the fall of House Agrach Dyrr. However, Matron Mother Berni'th had long-standing ambitions to attack both House Tuin'Tarl and House Fey-Branche.[citation needed]


Berni'th Duskryn 
Matron mother.[5]
Havel Duskryn 
Master of Sorcere in 1373 DR.[6]
Zelzpassa Duskryn 
Leader of the Blingdenstone garrison[citation needed]
Outcast male.[7]
Prae'anelle Duskryn 
Matron mother in 1484 DR.[2]




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