House Karanok were the insane ruling family of the city of Luthcheq in Chessenta.[3] They claimed to be pure-blood mulan, descendants of the god-king Nanna-Sin.[4]


They believed that wizards (including also sorcerers, dwarves, and elves) were evil and must be burned. They worshiped Entropy, a strange sphere of annihilation. In 1370 DR, Tiamat posed as Entropy and granted them clerical spells.[3] After the Spellplague, Entropy was discovered to be a primordial.[5]


In 1357 DR:

In 1372 DR:

After Spellplague:


In 1161 DR, under suspicious circumstances, the Karanoks became the rulers of Luthcheq. Initially, they ruled in a typical Chessentan style.[3]

In 1324 DR, however, Luthceq was defeated in a war against Mordulkin and the Karanoks blamed the wizard spies of Mordulkin, starting their crusade against arcane magic.[3]

In 1346 DR, from nowhere, Entropy manifested itself inside House Karanok's mansion, killing a wizard they were torturing. The Karanoks saw this as an omen and began worshiping Entropy.[3]

In 1370 DR, Tiamat started granting clerical powers to the Karanoks in order to manipulated them.[3]

After the Spellplague, Ishual Karanok managed to become the ruler of all Chessenta, gaining the population's trust by repelling the armies of aberrations sent by the Abolethic Sovereignty in 1399 DR.[6]

In 1479 DR, the ruler Shala Karanok was ousted from power for a brief time by the returned Tchazzar.[7] However, after the Battle of Luthcheq, she regained control over the city.[8]




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