House Nasadra, formerly of Menzoberranzan, was the most powerful drow house of Ched Nasad.[1] The matron mother of the house was the informal ruler of Ched Nasad until the city's destruction in 1372 DR.[1]


House Nasadra was located on the first top level of Ched Nasad.[4] It had high balconies from which one could view the city and its stone webs and castles.[5]


Originally a house in Menzoberranzan, House Nasadra fought against House S'sril and was exiled, along with others, from the city by House Baenre, which had received the favor of Lolth. After many decades of exile, in −3843 DR Lolth's avatar appeared to House Nasadra and the other exiles, leading them to the current location of Ched Nasad and instructing them to found another city honoring Lolth and remaining friendly with Menzoberranzan.[6]

In 1372 DR, during the duergar attack on House Melarn and the city, Matron Mother Aunrae Nasadra and four other matrons summoned a huge guardian spider. They lost control of the spider and it contributed to the city's downfall.[7]

Notable members of House NasadraEdit

Aunrae Nasadra 
Matron Mother from 689 DR to the fall of the city and the uncrowned queen of Ched Nasad.[1][2] She possessed a rune-covered staff.[8] As matron mother of the most powerful house in Ched Nasad, it was said that her power unmatched even by the scope of Yvonnel Baenre of House Baenre in Menzoberranzan.[1]
Ildibane Nasadra 
Archmage of Ched Nasad and leader of the Disciples of Phelthong.[9]



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