House Phull was a noble house of Waterdeep and one of the older noble families in the city. Around 1440 DR Mhairdren Phull purchased the original Phull's title of nobility from the impoverished family. Shortly after the new Phulls moved into the family mansion, Mhairdren's second son, Blakrho Phull, murdered his elder brother and blamed the crime on his younger brother. The frame-up was initially believed by the city guard, however, when Mhairdren caught Blakrho beating his mother it became obvious that Blakrho was the culprit. Blakrho fled Waterdeep to pursue a life of banditry in the Southern Sword Coast region.[1]

Notable MembersEdit

  • Blakrho "Blackthroat" Phull - Exiled house member and bandit leader in south Faerûn.
  • Felmar Phull - Younger son framed by Blakrho for Haelrorn's murder.
  • Haelrorn Phull - Eldest son murder by his brother Blakrho.
  • Mhairfren Phull - Patriarch of the Phull clan.



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