House Teken'duis was formerly a noble drow house in the district of West Wall in Menzoberranzan.[1]


House Teken'duis resided in a two-stalagmite compound in the northwest part of the city in West Wall.[3]


House Teken'duis was the seventeenth house in 1297 DR. After the elimination of House DeVir, it became the sixteenth house.[4]

In 1319 DR,[2] House Teken'duis attempted to attack and defeat House Freth. However, it failed to eliminate all noble witnesses of the attack; two females and a male. Thus, all members of the house were executed by the Ruling Council. House Baenre made a public spectacle of this execution: The Mistresses of Arach-Tinilith opened portals to the lower planes, and conjured demons to aid in the execution. Together with the students and masters of Melee Magthere and Sorcere, they overran the house and slaughtered the entrenched drow.[3]

The ruined manor remained abandoned in West Wall.[1]



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