The House of Al-Danafi was one of the richest merchant families in Huzuz in 1367 DR.[note 1][1][3]


Khwaja al-Danaf and his wife Perijan were the original founders of their house.[3]

Squads of warriors carefully guarded the buildings owned by Al-Danafi. Some of these guards maintained rooftop vigils while others performed mobile patrols of the facilities.[1]

Outside of the guards, the House of Al-Danafi employed nearly 1,000 individuals with various positions.[1]


The Al-Danafi contacted business relations in Durpar with the hopes of adding exotic items such as fine silk and rare spices to their already impressive array of common goods.[4]

Their ships sailed the Golden Gulf and the Crowded Sea, bringing their fine wares to all corners of Zakhara.[3]

Khwaja's daughter, Tanya was married to the Grand Caliph for a with a dowry of 500,000 dinars. Because of their close relationship with the Grand Caliph, the ships of al-Danafi enjoyed unique mooring privileges in the harbors of Huzuz.[3]

Base of OperationsEdit

The House of Al-Danafi was based within the Warehouse District of Huzuz. They owned other holdings spread throughout the City of Delights as well,[1] including a plot of land in the Grand Bazaar that was the size of several city blocks. Guides in the Grand Bazaar were hired by the Al-Danafi to offer their services to adventurers and foreigners in a clever attempt to steer them toward their stalls.[4]


As one of the richest Houses in Huzuz, Al-Danafi owned 15 large storage facilities within the Warehouse District.[1]

They were sworn enemies of the House of Al-Dinak.[1]

The House of Al-Danafi was originally based in Gana in the Pearl Cities.[3]



  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.


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