The House of Holy Light (also seen as the House of the Holy Light) was a shrine dedicated to Lathander in Voonlar.[1][2][3]


Voonlar was a trading town and farming community located in the southwest corner of the Moonsea region of north Faerûn.[4][5] The shrine itself was on the outskirts of town, just south of the Three Elves inn on Dump Road, facing east.[1][2]


The House of Holy Light was an open pavilion with no walls, just stone pillars holding up a shingled roof. Under the roof were a set of angled stones that served to hold sheets of mica that were positioned to capture the rays of the rising sun and reflect them in all directions. On the floor was a simple stone altar and braziers. Surrounding the shrine were small beds of herbs and spices that anyone could sample as long as they did not take the last specimen of any plant. A sign was posted declaring that anyone breaking this rule would incur the wrath of Lathander.[1][2]


Gentle Father Erngar Narrowlea and several lay followers took turns tending the shrine and working in the herb garden. He sold glass jars of holy water and wax-stoppered potions of extra healing to the many travelers that stopped by the shrine in all seasons except winter. A large jar of holy water was 25 gp and a healing potion was 1,100 gp. Over forty local citizens also visited and worshiped at the shrine.[1][2]


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