The House of Moonlight was a temple to Selûne the Moonmaiden found in the city of Tantras in the Vast.[1][2][3][4][5]


The House of Moonlight lay on the far east side of the city.[1][2]


During the Time of Troubles in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, the deity Torm resided at his temple in Tantras.[6] Torm's zealous priests began persecuting followers of other faiths in the city as "unbelievers".[7] [note 1]

Nevertheless, the House of Moonlight remained active through to 1367 DR[4] and past 1370 DR.[5]


Around 1358 DR, the temple provided healing to all who required it, even those who did not worship the goddess. However, they would not accede to repeated requests.[1][2]


In 1358 DR, the temple was led by High Priest Pellar Thalangrim, with nine priests and sixteen lay-followers.[3]



  1. It is not known if or how the House of Moonlight was affected by this religious persecution.


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