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The House of Mystery,[1][2] also known as the Reign of Night,[3] was the largest temple to Shar and her most important holy site during the time of the Netherese Empire.[3]


The temple was located in the logging port of Sepulcher,[1][3][2] in the cold north of Low Netheril.[1][3]


The House of Mystery was a vast, many-storied complex of odd exterior design.[1]


The interior of the temple was equally confusing. So full it was with passageways, secret doors, hidden chambers, mysterious locking mechanisms, bizarre stairwells, and plunging drop chutes that even its own clerics often got lost or confused.[1]


The temple was constructed sometime between around −1859 DR and −1359 DR, when followers of Shar secretly and slowly migrated to the vicinity of Sepulcher. They did so in number because of the darkness of the northern latitudes in the winter and because the town was so remote, leaving them free from persecution to pursue their dark religion. The pilgrims built the temple in honor of their goddess.[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

The shade cleric Variance Amatick believed that among the treasures of the House of Mystery were The Leaves of One Night, a document that Shar believed so dangerous to her well-being that she cursed it to make it unreadable.[2]

This could not have been possible, however, for the town of Sepulcher—and the entire empire of Netheril—fell long before the The Leaves of One Night were ever written.[1][4][5][note 1]


Shar chose the high priestess of the House of Mystery to be the head of her entire faith, though with the remoteness of the temple, not all of the Church was aware of this fact.[3]


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  1. The Netherese origin of The Leaves of One Night presented in the novel Mistress of the Night is later conflicted by both The Grand History of the Realms and the adventure module Anauroch: The Empire of Shade. Since both of those sources are more recent, and since novels receive lower importance than sourcebooks, this wiki assumes the latter sources to include the more accurate origin story. Perhaps Shar misled the Shadovar into thinking that the document was rightfully theirs. If so, Shar also managed to corrupt the archives of the city of Thultanthar, which were said to have references to the work—an otherwise impossibility, since Netheril fell long before the creation of the text.
    Similarly, it would have been impossible for the document to ever have existed among the treasures of the House of Mystery in Sepulcher, as the novel claims, since that town fell soon after the greater empire.
    Alternatively, it is possible that Variance Amatick simply confused The Leaves of One Night with the Book of the Black, the work upon which the former was based. This latter work was written by Augathra the Mad, who was indeed Netherese. Perhaps the Book of the Black was once stored in the House of Mystery.
    In any case, The Grand History of the Realms agrees with the novel on the date of the recovery of the work by the Shadovar in 1373 DR.



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