The House of the Hand was a temple of Torm in the Temple District of the city of Procampur in the Vast.[2][3]


Clerics of the House of the Hand forged the sword Chalsembyr's Heart for the paladin Bertold the Seeker, to aid him in his quest to discover the lost kingdom of Chalsembyr. However, they did not inform Bertold of the sword's ability to absorb his soul upon his death. The purpose of this was to preserve his knowledge and findings, so that they might be passed on to future seekers of Chalsembyr.[4]

By 1357 DR, the House of the Hand was led by High Priest Pallar the Obedient.[2] Pallar was still in charge by 1367 DR.[3]

Early in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, priests of Torm ran Calispar Delgorth, a priest of Talona, out of Procampur.[5] In Marpenoth of 1367 DR, when Procampur was struck by the featherlung plague, clerics of Torm treated the sick within the Temple District.[6]

When Calispar later dealt with the Shadowkind assassins in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, he asked them to assassinate the high priest of Torm.[5]


In the 1350s and 60s, the temple was led by High Priest Pallar the Obedient, with 26 subpriests and 48 lay-worshipers.[2][3]



  • Oriphaun McMaren and his crusader order, based at a "sword temple", are implied to follow Torm, suggesting that they are attached to or based at the House of the Hand.


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