Howling chain was a wizard spell from the school of evocation.[2][3]


This spell created a shimmering crimson chain of force that wound itself around a target. The chain actually howled as it moved, giving the spell its name. The caster was free to work other magic while the chain was attached to the victim. The victim was still able to move and perform their normal functions but in a sluggish manner.[2][3]

The howling chain struck at its victim with bludgeoning force several times per minute. In addition to causing physical harm, these attacks interrupted any delicate actions the target was attempting including spellcasting. The target could focus all of their energy toward defending against the attacks.[2][3]

Any creature attempting to free the target by pulling on the howling chain was attacked with the same force. Attempts to physically remove the chain were futile. The chain could only be removed by destroying it, by casting dispel magic, when the target died, or when the spell expired. The chain could attach itself to another target upon the first target's death.[2][3]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required as a material component a length of chain from three joined links of fine steel or another pure metal to cast.[2][3]



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