Hoxitl was the high priest of Zaltec in Nexal.[2][page needed]


Hoxitl was the leader of the faith of Zaltec over all Maztica.[2] Hoxitl was the most powerful advisor of Naltecona but also the secret leader of the Viperhands cult.[3]


In 1361 DR, under the orders of the Ancient Ones, he ordered all his priests to find the young girl Erixitl.[2]

With the arrival of the Golden Legion in Nexal, Hoxitl conspired with the Ancient Ones in order to have Naltecona put to death and the Viperhands cult take control of the empire. Hoxitl continued to hunt for Erixitl, also obtaining the reluctant help of Shatil, brother of Erixitl and a priest of Zaltec.[3]

The vengeance of Lolth against the Ancient Ones—in truth, a group of drow—ruined his plans and during the Night of Wailing he was transformed into a troll.[3]

Despite his transformation, Hoxitl remained a servant of Zaltec, albeit a reluctant one, and unleashed the Viperhands monsters upon the human survivors. In time, the transformation started to afflict his mind as well and Hoxitl became more and more bestial. He led the Viperhands armies in the Second Battle of Ulatos until, with the banishment of the avatar of Zaltec, all the monsters lost their will for battle and retreated to Nexal.[4]

As of 1362 DR, Hoxitl still ruled the ruins of Nexal.[1]




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