Hrakhamar was a dwarven forge complex at the western end of the Valley of Lost Honor in Chult.[1]


Originally inhabited by Chultan dwarves, Hrakhamar was abandoned when nearby volcanic eruptions forced the dwarves to flee. With the dwarves absent, a group of firenewts moved in and put the forge to work crafting armor and weapons for themselves. By the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, a small group of albino dwarves kept watch on the forge from the nearby jungle, but their numbers were too low to challenge the firenewts.[1]


Hrakhamar was built around an underground volcanic rift, which the dwarves exploited to smelt iron and adamantine by lowering the ore into the magma in clay crucibles. The complex also contained an armory, extensive forge facilities, and an armory containing the stockpiled wealth of Hrakhamar, including the sacred dwarven artifact know as Moradin's Gauntlet. Following its abandonment by the dwarves, the firenewts looted the entire complex (save for the treasury, which they could not access), and used whatever metals they could find to construct a statue to Imix.[1]


When the forge was operated by the dwarves, it was linked by trade roads to Shilku Bay and other points on the peninsula. Additionally, a 40-mile-long (64 kilometer) tunnel connected the complex to Wyrmheart Mine to the south.[1]




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