Hrarnok Sharkchum was a lesser seawolf member of the Night Masks in 1370 DR.[1]


Hrarnok was for many years the bosun of the Sembian vessel Harbor Moon in the Sea of Fallen Stars. During a voyage to the Dragon Coast, a powerful storm destroyed the ship. Hrarnok survived but a shark attacked him, taking half of his left leg. Thus he made a new home in Westgate, working as watchman.

However, it had been a seawolf that had attacked Hrarnok and thus he became a lycanthrope, hunting sailors on the docks during the full moon. Vyqinak, the ixitxachitl vampire master of smuggling for the Night Masks, discovered his secret and forcibly recruited Hrarnok as an assassin, killing targets aboard ships. In his hybrid form, Hrarnok regained the use of his left leg, gaining a perfect alibi for the lame watchman.[2]



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