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Hrolf the Unruly was a human captain of the Ruathen pirate ship Elfmaid.[1]


The captain was a large, broad-shouldered man with skin tanned by the sun and wind. His extremely light-colored braided hair was streaked through with light gray. He had blue eyes, a large mustache, and a beard.[1]

He apparently had a terrible singing voice.[1]


In 1361 DR, he was imprisoned in Skullport but he escaped from jail with the help of Liriel Baenre.[1]

Hrolf was killed as part of a conspiracy against Ruathym in 1361 DR. His funeral consisted of a large ceremony featuring a funeral bonfire intended to send him and the Elfmaid into the halls of Tempus. In honor of him, Liriel changed the figurehead of the Elfmaid into a figure of Hrolf.[4]



Moira was Hrolf's wife. She was short and stout with gray eyes and red cheeks and lived alone on Tetris, a small island in the Moonshaes. She and Hrolf only ever saw each other during his brief stops there, but that suited them both just fine.[5]


When the sea elf Xzorsh was a child, Hrolf saved his life. He pledged to always protect the Elfmaid and her crew, usually by following it. Hrolf's relationship with Xzorsh was revelatory of Hrolf's particular care for elves.[6]

Liriel Baenre[]

Not long after Liriel Baenre freed Hrolf from prison in Skullport and joined his crew in 1361 DR, the two began developing a close relationship. In Ruathym, Liriel stayed with Hrolf at his house and viewed him as a father, as he viewed her as a daughter. She greatly mourned his death.[7]