The Hu'i Wing (or hu'i wing[1]) was a unique magical brazier from Koryo in Kara-Tur. It was said to reveal the future, and was the most valuable relic of the kingdom of Koryo.[2][1]


It took the form of a vast brazier fashioned of copper, some 8 feet (2.4 meters) in diameter. The lip of the brazier was ornately carved with sail-finned carp and swimming dragons.[2][1]

Built into the subterranean fortress beneath Karak, the Hu'i Wing could not be removed without it being destroyed, and so it would remain there.[2][1]


To activate the brazier's magic, one of course had to start a fire within it, and the hotter the fire the better. As the brazier started to glow with heat, the carved carp and dragons turned cherry-red and began to move and swim around the lip. They swam around it with increasing speed until they were little more than a blur of fire circling the coals inside the brazier. This fire then flashed white as time itself was torn open.[2][1]

An onlooker would see the flames fade into a vision of the future. This would be a big event, like a civil war, a disaster, or assassination, and it would come to pass within the year. It would not necessarily involve the witnesses, unless they happened to be involved or were particularly important. If several people watched on, then they would see the same event, but from different perspectives. The viewers could use the knowledge as they willed.[2][1]


The future-telling brazier was an old legend dating back to the time of the Han people.

For many years, the Hu'i Wing was the centerpiece of a shrine that stood near the town of Goisho. There, it was tended to by the Wing-ta order of monks.

However, some ten generations before 1357 DR, Kozakuran forces stole the Hu'i Wing and carried it off to Karak. They built it into their subterranean fortress there, and it became lost to the Koryoans in that perilous place.[2][1]


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