Prince Hubadai Khahan was a Tuigan warrior and the son of Yamun Khahan during the mid 14th century DR.[2][1]


Hubadai was a strict commander, making him a challenging enemy. He was a loyal friend to those whom he trusted. He valued human life less than commanders from other cultures, allowing him to sacrifice troops in order to achieve his goals. He was a capable leader who was not afraid to join the fighting with his men. The driving force behind all of Hubadai's actions was the desire to please his father.[1]


Yamun tasked Hubadai with the conquest of Semphar.[2]

Hubadai founded the nation of Yaïmmunahar several years after the death of his father, establishing the capital of Kourmira in 1367 DR.[3]


Hubadai owned a suit of magial lamellar armor, a magical sword, a ring of protection, a ring of teleportation, and a helm of reflection.[2][1]



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