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Huge spiders were a common variety of monstrous spiders in the Realms.[1][2]


These arachnids were typically bigger than mundane or large spiders, but smaller in size compared to giant spiders.[2]


Like any arachnid, huge spiders were aggressive creatures.[1][2]


Unlike other arachnids, huge spiders did not spin webs. They could leap up to 30 ft (9.1 m) into the air and delivered poison to victims through their fangs.[1][2]


Some species of huge spider roved around in search of prey, such as the giant wolf spider. Other species, such as the trapdoor spider, would carefully construct camouflaged tunnels and holes to hide in until prey passed by.[1][2]


During Halaster's Higharvestide, huge spiders were occasionally encountered in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep.[3]

Around 1368 DR, House Phylund was experimenting with a variety of huge spider species.[4]


Deathjump spider
A species of huge spider that could leap great distances and often waited to ambush its prey.[5][note 1]
Giant wolf spider
a species of huge spider similar to the mundane wolf spider. Though they typically hunted across open ground,[6][2] they also were known to hide in burrows, crevices, or hidden cavities beneath debris.[6]
Huge tarantula
a huge variety of the mundane tarantula. Their bites imparted a paralytic poison. Some were known to be found in the Raurin desert.[7]
Trapdoor spider
A huge variety of the mundane trapdoor spider. Some were known to be found in the Raurin desert.[8]
a species of huge spider that were specially bred to act as guard animals.[9]



These arachnids were carnivorous hunters.[1][2]


Huge spiders could potentially inhabit almost any region, except for those with cold climates.[1][2]

In North Faerûn they could be found throughout the regions of Daggerdale, Shadowdale, Zhentil Keep,[10] and the fertile areas of the Plain of Standing Stones.[11] In the North they could be found in parts of Cormanthor's forests[12] and the Rat Hills.[13]

In the Hordelands they were quite common in the Ama Basin and Hagga Shan.[14] Elsewhere in the region of Kara-tur, they could be found in the forests of Akari island.[15] In the land of Maztica they could be found in many hills and mountains.[16] In the Zakhara region's Crowded Sea, they could be found on the island chain of Nada al-Hazan.[17]


Huge spiders were often found in the company of driders.[18] The Tanor'Thal family of drow kept many within their residence at Skullport.[19]

Some creatures in the Underdark used them in groups to transport goods as a caravan.[20]



  1. Though not stated to be a "huge spider" in its Monster Manual entry, both the size and traits of this species match up with the defining traits of "huge spiders."


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