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Hugo Babris was Lord of Neverwinter in the mid–15th century DR when Mount Hotenow erupted.[1][note 1]


Lord Babris was short and unimpressive. He had a round figure and a bald head.[1]


He was a cautious man, but one who was said to be more concerned with his meals than with the safety of Neverwinter. While easily intimidated, he maintained a surprisingly strong sense of his responsibilities to those who made his rule of Neverwinter possible.[1]


Lord Babris lived in a grand four-story home adorned with balconies and glass windows, and which was surrounded with trees and a courtyard. A large contingent of guards patrolled his compound.[1]


In exchange for protection and coin, Lord Babris's policies allowed for merchant guilds and even pirates to grow rich.[1]

He had a young daughter as of 1451 DR.[1]


Under Lord Babris, Neverwinter had become something of a buffer between the pirates of Luskan and the Lords of Waterdeep, who mutually interfered with the city but also kept each other's influence in check. The city's military had become weak under his watch, allowing outside forces to dictate policy, and Babris himself was little more than a puppet who ruled with the permission and protection of these foreign powers. With the arrival of Netherese forces in the region, Lord Babris was helpless to resist and further found himself as ruler of Neverwinter only because the Netherese leader, Herzgo Alegni, allowed it.[1]

In the Year of Knowledge Unearthed, 1451 DR, Alegni decided that he wished for the grandest of Neverwinter's three bridges—the Winged Wyvern Bridge—to be renamed in his own honor, and demanded that Lord Babris do this for him. When the lord refused (on the basis that it would upset the Lords of Waterdeep and the pirates of Luskan), Alegni dispatched Barrabus the Gray to infiltrate Babris's home and threaten him at knifepoint.[1] This intimidation worked, and the bridge was renamed just in time for Mount Hotenow to erupt days later, with the ensuing cataclysm killing any who would have remembered the name change.[2]

Hugo Babris died in the volcanic eruption that destroyed his city.[2] The next leader to emerge in what remained of Neverwinter was Jelvus Grinch.[3]



  1. Hugo Babris is described at the ruler of Neverwinter at the time of the eruption in the novel Gauntlgrym (2010), which is in apparent contradiction to the Neverwinter Campaign Setting (2011), which describes the city as being ruled by a king and queen of the Alagondar dynasty (p. 138). No source besides the novel mentions Hugo Babris and the novel does not mention the Alagondars.


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