Huld was an insinuated poison.[1]


Huld was an oil that had no odor.[1]


Huld could only be introduced by insinuation. The effects were not immediate, but occurred shortly after introduction. After being affected by the poison, the recipient was usually immune to repeated exposure for ten to twenty days thereafter. The poison caused uncontrollable muscle spasms and interfered with speech and balance for several minutes. The victim retained all mental capacities, but was usually left thrashing on the ground for the duration. No lasting damaging effects occurred otherwise. Huld was effective against most non-humanoid creatures.[1]


Huld was one of sixteen formulas for poisons recorded in the book known as The Nathlum. It was thought that the formulas were originally written down by the mage Lethchauntos the Black, during his time spent with an orc tribe in the 10th century DR. Some of these same formulas were copied from the book by the mage Phrandjas of Port Llast and sold to local alchemists before the mid–14th century DR.[2]



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