The Hullack Forest was once a part of the huge forest of Cormanthor and marks the northeastern border of Cormyr and the Dales.[2] It was the most primeval forest in all of Cormyr, with numerous dark valleys and hidden vales that went unseen for decades and was likely among the most dangerous regions of Cormyr. Legends stated that it was full of ghosts and monsters. Cormyrean wardens and crown scouts often steered adventurers here in hopes of taming this dense wood.[2]

By 1372 DR the Hullack Forest, the King's Forest and Hermit's Wood were almost all that remained of the southern reaches of Cormanthor in Cormyr, having been pushed back significantly during the prosperous reign of Azoun IV.[2]


1391 DR 
The Eldreth Veluuthra seized control of the forest to use it as a base for their operations.[3]
1394 DR 
Cormyr tries to retake the forest, and a brief conflict occurs with the occupying Eldreth Veluuthra, but King Azoun V soon turns his attention to the more pressing threats of Netheril and Sembia.[3]


In 1372 DR, adventurers discovered the ruins of Tethgard in the Hullack Forest.[4]
Wyvernstones of Hullack 
A sacred site of Eldath, in 1363 DR they were desecrated by lycanthropes tied to the People of the Black Blood.[5]





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