Humans in Toril were widespread, could be found in most regions and, in general, were fierce and disagreeable, which could sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They were renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lacked specialization, they could excel in many areas.[2]


The origin of humanity was unknown. Although the Tel-quessir could claim the primal war between Corellon and Gruumsh for their heritage and the dwarves claimed to have been forged from the rocks of Abeir-Toril itself, humans had no unifying creation myth. However, they were certainly an ancient race, having originated since before written records existed and were frequently considered one of the creator races, though they weren't known to have actually created any species. More confusing yet was that, while humans indeed were native to Toril, they had been found on other worlds as well, with the Mulani standing out as an example of human immigrants to Toril.[5]

Regardless of their precise origins, humans were undeniably successful. While hardly the only dominant race of Toril, humans were one of them and the most recent to obtain dominance. In spite of this strength, or perhaps because of it, humanity was an eternally fractured and divided race, broken up into over a dozen ethnic offshoots. It was believed that this was in part because humanity, unlike most other races, did not emerge as a whole but rather in several places at once, thereby resulting in its diversity.[6]



A Calishite, Tethyrian, Damaran, Mulan, Illuskan, Rashemi, and Chondathan.

While there were no natural human subraces, planetouched subspecies of humans were found in the Realms. These included the aasimars, genasi, and tieflings. There was also great ethnic diversity between humans in different regions.[citation needed]

The following are the most prevalent and largest ethnic groups to be found in Faerûn at this time.[as of when?] These are by far the most common ethnicities to be found within the Heartlands.[citation needed]

Minor ethnic groupsEdit

The following are ethnic groups which were either small in number, or who were most commonly found in lands far from Faerûn’s heartlands. In their own distinct regions, they might very well be the major local ethnic people.[citation needed]

Related racesEdit

Humans were kin to many races, such as githyanki, githzerai, and Deep Imaskari. Additionally, humans bred outside their race many times, resulting in the various half-human races like half-elves and half-orcs as well as planetouched such as tieflings.[citation needed]



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