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The Hunabar (pronounced: /ˈhnɑːbɑːrHOON-ah-bar[1]) family was a notable part of the nobility of Waterdeep, first gaining nobility status in Year of the Moonlight Tapestry, 1170 DR.[1]


As of the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, prominent members of the house included patriarch Haskar, consort Amonra, and Haskar's eldest son and heir Haskar Hunabar II.[3]


The Hunabar family were most notable for importing and trading in textiles and fashions.[3][2]

Base of Operations

The Hunabar Villa was located in the North Ward of Waterdeep and consisted of two-story buildings.[4][5][6][7]


As of 1368 DR, Horth Hunabar had in his possession a dagger of homing, a magical dagger specifically crafted as a throwing weapon that would teleport back to its scabbard.[8]


  • Haskar Hunabar: Patriarch and leader of House Hunabar.[2]
  • Amonra Hunabar: Consort of Haskar.[2]
  • Haskar Hunabar II: Heir of House Hunabar and eldest son of Haskar.[2]
  • Horth Hunabar: A member of a group of Waterdhavian nobles who took to delving into Undermountain via the Yawning Portal.[9]



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