Hunger of Hadar was a conjuration spell for warlocks that used the power of Hadar, the Dark Hunger,[1] a Far Realm-infested star that existed within Realmspace.[3]


The spell caused a 20-foot (6-meter) radius spherical gateway of utter darkness to appear and stay open for one minute, or for as long as the caster concentrated. The beings beyond this rift emanated dark incomprehensible whispers and slurping noises that could be heard on the caster's side. Whoever stood within this region of warped space would suffer damage from the cold of space, as well as from attacks by acidic tentacles from the unknown horrors beyond,[1] who wanted to feast on the very life-force of the victims of this spell.[2]


The spell required verbal, somatic and material components. The material needed was a pickled octopus tentacle.[1]



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