Hutijin (pronounced: /ˈhʌtɪɪnHUT-ih-jinn[2]) was an archdevil, the duke of Cania and loyal servant to the Lord of the Eighth, Mephistopheles.[1]


Hutijin looked like a pit fiend with brown skin and longer teeth. He had more triangular wings and a longer tail. Like a pit fiend, his eyes glowed with fire.[1][note 1]


Hutijin was short tempered. When summoned by mortals, he often made the deal fast and then promptly killed the summoner for annoying him. Surprisingly, and in the most undevilish fashion, he remained loyal to Mephistopheles, despite having the military capacity to challenge him.[1]


Hutijin had an array of spells at his disposal like most archdevils. He could also summon storms of lightning. He could magically frighten those who attacked him.[1]



  1. Based on artist's depiction.


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