Huzza was a hill giant pirate in the Pirate Isles in 1359 DR.


Huzza originally hailed from the Earthspur Mountains, where he lorded over a tribe of goblins. One day, a group of humans arrived by ship in Huzza's valley. They screamed when they spotted Huzza, so he devoured them all. After gathering the gold from their ship, Huzza decided to sail the sea in search of more.

Huzza eventually became one of the strangest pirates of the Sea of Fallen Stars. He had no plans or direction, preferring to toss his goblin crew at any incoming vessels. However, many goblins missed the ship and drowned. Huzza recruited some other goblin tribes, but they soon learned to despise Huzza's system.[1]


Huzza had a simple mind that was driven by the base desire for food and gold.[1]



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