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Hyaenodons (pronounced: /hˈændɑːnhy-ÆN-o-dan[6]), also known as hyenodons and giant hyenas, were ancient creatures similar but unrelated to hyenas. They were considered to be within the purview of Gorellik, and were sometimes used by gnolls as guard beasts.[2][3][7]


These creatures had tawny gold fur, similar to that of a lion.[8]


Due to traveling and hunting in packs these creatures were capable of taking down prey larger than themselves, such as baluchitherium. They would surround their victims and pull them down to the ground with their vise-like jaws.[8]

Notable Hyaenodons[]

A group of thirteen exceptionally powerful hyaenodons served Amaunator by attacking those condemned by the god.[9][10]


A hyaenodon could be summoned by the conjure animals spell.[11]



Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

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