Sir Hydel Pontifax was a deceased adventurer.[1]


He was a devoted follower of Mystra.[1]


Hydel was a wizard and a citizen of Cormyr, a good friend of Artus Cimber. In 1352 DR, he saved Artus from a prison in Zhentil Keep and together they decided to search for the Ring of Winter and were opposed by Kaverin Ebonhand and his Cult of Frost minions.

Finally, in 1362 DR, they found the location of the Ring in Chult but when they arrived at the designated spot they found Kaverin. In the subsequent battle, Hydel was killed but he did not go immediately to the Fugue Plane. Instead, he appeared in the Temple of Ubtao in Mezro, where Hydel failed a test and was condemned by the god Ubtao, who ruled over Chult, to become a ghost. However, Mystra, the goddess that Hydel venerated, intervened and reclaimed his soul. Until the two gods resolved the situation, he existed as a spirit and in that form he helped Artus to finish his quest. Afterward, Hydel resided in Artus's quarters in Suzail, waiting to know his final destination.[1]



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