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Hypnotism, which was originally called Hamring's hypnotism,[1] and sometimes named hypnosis,[11][note 1] was an arcane, mind-affecting enchantment spell of the compulsion subschool that induced a fascination in several nearby creatures.[2] The Chosen of Bane were also granted the ability to hypnotize foes in like manner.[12][13]


Once the spell was cast, a number of nearby creatures within range would become fascinated with the caster, stopping whatever they were doing and staring blankly at his or her gestures or listening intently to his or her dronings. While the targets were so intrigued, it was possible for the caster to also make a single brief suggestion of the targets, which would seem acceptable to them. A potential target had to be able to see or hear the caster, but understanding the caster's words was not necessary for the hypnotism to have its fascination effect. To then offer a suggested action did require understanding on the part of the hearer, however.[2]

The spell was more challenging to use in a combat situation, since it required the full attention of the targets. The duration of the fascination was brief—between about ten and 45 seconds—but the ones hypnotized still felt compelled to follow the particular suggestion given to them while hypnotized until it was completed. They also would have no memory of having been hypnotized.[2]


Hypnotism required only verbal and somatic components, but it required a longer casting time than most spells.[2]


The spell was invented by Netherese arcanist Hamring in −1293 DR, the same year he invented his feeblemind and mass hypnosis spells.[14]


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  1. Several sources talk of a common charm spell named hypnosis, which is most likely a misprint of hypnotism.


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