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Ibrandlin, also known as lurkers in darkness, were a type of magically created, dragon-like creatures that were found in Faerûn. While they were extremely dangerous, they were often trained to serve as watchful guardians or bestial companions to adventuring companies. They were originally created by the priests of Ibrandul.[2]


The ibrandlin were massive creatures that resembled wingless, gray-scaled dragons with red and black bellies.[1] While the surface-dwelling ibrandlin of Thar maintained an aversion to sunlight and kept themselves in whatever dark caves they could find, they adapted to the harsh life of living in such barren terrain. Having previously been domesticated in the Underdark, they had become a more bestial, even feral species when living in the wild.[2]


Due to their size, ibrandlin were inherently dangerous, and surprisingly speedy creatures.[2] They were known to rear up on their immensely strong tails and come crashing down on their foes, pinning them to the ground and raking them with all four of their massive claws while simultaneously biting with their forceful jaws. Like the flying, distantly related red dragons, ibrandlin possessed the ability to breathe fire.[1]

Ibrandlin would obey simple commands given to them by priests of Ibrandul.[1]


Ibrandlin were primarily found underground,[1] such as within the caverns of the Underdark.[2] They were most common in lands where Ibrandul was worshiped, including the Sword Coast near Waterdeep and in the Shining South.[1] They were also found in the land of Thar and the western Galena Mountains of Vaasa. They were passionately hated by the ogre tribes of Thar but were considered a mere nuisance by the region's orc clans.[2]


Ibrandlin preferred to feed on livestock and herd animals, such as goats, deer, and antelope. It was not unheard of them to attack orcs and humans, as well as any accompanying horses or pack animals they kept.[2]


While ibrandlin were not particularly intelligent, they could speak in broken Draconic.[1]

Life Cycle[]

A mating pair of ibrandlin would breed once a year, with a female laying a clutch of about a dozen eggs within their nest. After the eggs hatched in spring,[2] the parents would care for the brood of hatchlings for one to three months until they were capable of defending and feeding themselves. Once the juveniles grew into adults they sought out their own lair with plentiful hunting grounds.[3]


Ibrandlin were first bred by priests of Ibrandul following the death of their deity at the hands of Shar during the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR. As Shar had absorbed Ibrandul's divine portfolio, it was ultimately her influence that allowed for the creation of these beasts.[1] These ibrandlin were tasked with guarding important, subterranean locations, and by the 1370s DR, their numbers were growing rapidly.[1]

It was unknown as to how the ibrandlin came to be so numerous in the aboveground realm of Thar. Ogre-made stelae within the region depicted humanoid priests (presumably faithful of Ibrandul) summoning the massive beasts to kill helpless ogres, and their legends spoke of the human hero Beldoran who slew the last Tharkul.[2]




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