Icarus was a veteran elven admiral and also the captain of the armada Arrow of Justice in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Icarus was known to be a colorful individual.[1]


Orcs think on the flat. If you go up or down, you can usually outmaneuver them.
— advice from Captain Icarus about spelljamming combat tactics[2]

His experience in over fifteen battles had conferred him an unyielding integrity.[1][3]

One of Icarus's interests was to reactivate the haunted derelict elven base orbiting Karpri.[1]


Icarus worked exclusively in Realmspace. On top of his command of the Arrow of Justice, he also commanded an elven spelljamming fleet consisting of the following vessels:[1]


In the early days of the War of the Spheres, Icarus's armada had intercepted several vodoni attacks, but always too late to be of any help. In one such attempt, the ship intercepted a group of adventurers with valuable information on the vodoni. The Arrow of Justice promptly escorted them to the Rock of Bral to participate in the first meeting of the Free Space Alliance in order to assess the threat of a vodoni invasion.[3]

The Arrow of Justice also served as the Alliance flagship throughout the war and in the final battle against the Vodoni.[4]



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