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Ice Claw was an intelligent, +3 frostbrand short sword that was crafted by dwarves of the north in their fight against dragons of the region.[1]


This unique sword had a polished, almost-white blade that was cool to touch. Its pommel was twined silver and adamantite with a diamond set within.[1]


Possessing the enchantments of a +3 frost brand, Ice Claw had a special purpose of defeating dragons of any alignment, protected its wielder from these magical beasts, and granted them immunity to their area of fear.[1]


Ice Claw was forged centuries before the Era of Upheaval when the dwarves of Citadel Adbar sought to stave off the repeated attacks of dragons from the Ice Mountains. It was kept in the personal armory of the Dwarf King and occasionally bestowed upon particularly worthy champions when they embarked on quests for the realm. Dwarven lore claimed the blade had slain a dragon and at least three fiends during its generations of use. Some time before the mid 13th century DR, the last hero who bore the storied blade for the Kingdom lost it after failing his appointed quest.[1]

The fabled weapon was lost for over 40 years, before it wound up in the possession of a small-time mercenary, Captain Farzahd. It remained with him until he attempted to force himself on an elven sorcerer named Ulshanya, when she killed him and took Ice Claw for herself.[1]



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