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"Ice Hunters" or "Ancient Men of the North"[1] were the names given to a sub-ethnicity of Ulutiuns who resided in the northwestern-most regions of Faerûn.[2]


The Ice Hunters lived in the Cold Run, on the Ice Peak, and on the Sea of Moving Ice.[2]


Like their cousins from the Great Glacier,[2] the Ice Hunters had light brown skin, dark hair, and broad faces. They were relatively short.[1][2] Men were about five feet to six feet two inches (150 to 190 centimeters) tall, while women stood five inches (thirteen centimeters) shorter on average. Males weighed between 135 and 260 pounds (60 and 115 kilograms), and females between 100 and 225 pounds (45 and 100 kilograms).[3] The Ice Hunters were particularly clever[1][4] and tended toward a lifestyle of lawfulness.[1]


The Ice Hunters lived barbaric lives compared to more southern peoples, not dissimilar to the Uthgardt tribes,[2] but their lives were comparatively simple and peaceful.[4] They occupied small villages and traveled by dog sled. They used boats called khyeks and oumyeks. They supported themselves by fishing and the hunting of polar bear, seal, walrus, and whale.[1]

Among the Ulutiuns of the Great Glacier, the Ice Hunters were most similar in culture to the Nakulutiuns.[5]

In Ice Hunter culture, ones real name was kept private and personal. Instead, they gave outsiders nicknames to use, such as "Red Seal Man" or "Reindeer Girl".[1]


The Ice Hunters worshiped various nature spirits (beast totems[1]) and were led by shamans.[2] These spirits included:[1]

  • Grandfather Walrus,
  • Great White Bear,
  • Clever Oomio the Gray Seal, and
  • Pindalpau-pau the Reindeer Mother.

In addition, they venerated the god Ulutiu. Powerful priests of Ulutiu were known as iceguardians[5]


Speakers of Uluik,[2][6] the Ice Hunters began using the Thorass alphabet by the 14th century DR.[2]


Scholars believed that the Ice Hunters immigrated to the far northwest from Kara-Tur over the polar icecap[2] before the coming of either the Illuskans or the Netherese.[1][2][4] When the Illuskans arrived, many Ice Hunters were displaced from their native lands.[1][4]

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