The Ice Lakes were a group of lakes in northwest Faerûn, situated northeast of Luskan.


Some of the larger lakes were named:

The northernmost named lake, also known as Longknife Lake.[1]
Also known as Tynkur's Fist.[1]
The largest lake, also known as Ondran's Grave.[1]
A lake that bore several islands, also known as Daern's Copper Camp.[1]
The southernmost lake, also known as Saeriphahra's Mirror.[1]


The Waterdhavian noble house Majarra owned land by the Ice Lakes. Starting from 1361 DR, the property was overseen by Axor Majarra.[2]


In the Year of the Twilight Campaign, 1046 DR, Illusk sent out a garrison to wipe out the local kobolds, but this campaign was repelled.[3]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

The presence of ice serpents in the North was rumored to be the doing of an Akadian cleric dwelling somewhere around the Ice Lakes.[4]


The kobold tribe known as the Selgryn inhabited the area.[5]



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