The Ice Peak, also called the Icepeak[1] or Ice Peak Island, was an island that was mostly made up of a huge volcano.[2][3][4][5]


Ice Peak island was essentially a large area of floating ice that was somewhat close to the shore. It was to the west of the Spine of the World and to the northwest of Fireshear. Just north of the Ice Peak marked the start of the Sea of Moving Ice.[2][3]

The island was at mercy to raging seas and the freezing cold storms all but four months of the year. Thick fog covered the region.[6]

Geographical FeaturesEdit

From the center of the isle outward was a huge icy volcano. Other than this, Ice Peak Island had three settlements: Aurilssbarg, Bjorn's Hold, and Icewolf.[2][7][3]


The small settlements were spoken for by the First Captain of Aurilssbarg, the largest town in the area that was essentially a colony of Luskan.[2][3]


The bulk of the trade came from the harvesting of fish, whales, and seals. Animal products were mostly shipped to Luskan, but some inhabitants, particularly those of the smaller settlements, sold them elsewhere.[2][3]


Each village in the region had big fishing boats that could be used by its military of order a hundred people. Aurilssbarg itself had several longships it could put to use.[2][3]


In the 1st century DR, the mortal Uthgar (who would later become a demigod), gathered his first armada. He voyaged across the sea and ransacked Bjorn's Hold of the Ice Peak, taking with him boat loads of fish, furs, and other products.[6]

Several hundreds of years prior to the 14th century DR, the white dragon, Freezefire, had its last fight recorded, and lay dormant.[2][3][4] However, in 1358 DR, mages of Hellgate Keep had heard that the wyrm, now ancient, held a powerful magic gem in its claw. The Heroes of Ascore beat the mages in the chase, but Freezefire had returned to life. The heroes slew the beast, and its hoard was distributed to goodly folk of the North.[4]


The isle was mainly populated by Northlanders and Ice Hunters. However, creatures such as goats, seals, whales, fish, and yetis were known to roam the Ice Peak. A couple of white dragons were reported to have made residence in the high-up caves.[4][5]

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  1. Only Aurilssbarg, by far the largest settlement on the isle, was allied with Luskan. The much smaller settlements despised the city and their pirates.


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