Ice Spire ogres were a race of ogre inhabiting the Ice Spires, between the Great Glacier, Silver Marches, and Anauroch.[3]


Ice Spire ogres were, on average, 10 feet (3,000 millimeters) tall and weighed 500–600 pounds (220–270 kilograms). They had dirty-gray hair and skin colors varying from yellow to brown-black, while their eyes were a surprising purple hue. They stunk worse than regular ogres, describing as being like rotting meat.[3]


Among the giants and giant-kin living around the Ice Spires, the Ice Spire ogres were among the lowest in status.[3]


Ice Spire ogres dwelled, for the most part, in an extensive cave and cavern network situated in the highest part of the Ice Spires. The caves were full of a thick, choking mist that rose from subterranean vents in the deepest caves.[3]

A second tribe of Ice Spire ogres made their homes in an icy chasm called the Dour Fissure. This was the only tribe that possessed the Blood Dance ritual ability.[3]


The ogres of the Ice Spires revered the ogre god Vaprak the Destroyer, but also obeyed Lanaxis, the Twilight Spirit. Those who lived instead in the Dour Fissure followed the demon lord Baphomet.[3]



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