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Ice drakes were a species of elemental drake.[1]


Ice drakes were draconic in form, about 12 ft (3.7 m) long, with ivory-colored scales with tinges of ice-blue. Their limbs were short and stocky, and the tail was wide and flat, to help them climb on icy surfaces.[1]


Ice drakes were wild and vicious, but also cautious.[1]


Ice drakes, like other dragons, were immune to magic that induced sleep or paralysis. They were unaffected by even the coldest temperatures, but vulnerable to fire and heat. The claws of an ice drake were naturally freezing cold.[1]


Ice drakes only attacked creatures smaller than they were unless they were desperate. In a fight, they focused on a single enemy at a time, trying to weaken that enemy until they could easily grab it and fly off.[1]


Ice drakes were scavengers that lived in cold deserts. They were intelligent enough to speak, and knew the Draconic language and either Auran or Aquan. Ice drakes lived either alone or in clusters of up to six individuals.[1]



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