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Ice knife was an arcane evocation or conjuration spell that hurled a knife of ice at a target for moderate damage.[1][5]


The impact of the evoked knife of ice would cause not only flat damage, but also a wave of cold to creatures within a 5‑foot (1.5‑meter) radius. The creatures in this radius could be damaged, and would also become numb, making it harder to both move and attack. However, if the target was in the presence of a large source of heat, they would have a chance to negate the numbness.[1][5][7] The spell caused no damage to spelljammers[8]


As well as a verbal and somatic component, a droplet of water from melted snow, and a small silver dagger were used as the material components.[5][1]



This spell was mainly used by wu jen, and others in oriental lands. However, it could also be used by water mages, although it was uncommon.[5]


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