An ice spider was a breed of giant spider that was suited to freezing-cold environments.[2][3][4]


Generally, ice spiders had snow-white fur and red eyes. They weaved webs just as regular giant spiders did, but the webs crystallized very quickly due to the freezing cold temperatures they were exposed to. Therefore, their cocoons appeared to be sheathed in ice.[2]


Like other giant spiders, ice spiders attacked with poisonous bites and restraining targets with their webs. Ice spiders, however, were resistant to all cold-based damage. Even the webs spun by these arachnids were slightly different to that of regular giant spiders. As such, the icy webs inflicted cold damage to any foe entangled by them, but the webs were able to be shattered by bludgeoning weapons.[2]


In 1357 DR, ice spiders were known to lurk around the Iceflow.[4] In 1374 DR, these giant spiders could be found in icy caves among the Sunset Mountains.[3]

In the late 15th century DR, several ice spiders tunnelled under the Eye of the All-Father of the Spine of the World. The tunnel-dwelling spiders were lead by a queen ice spider.[2]



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