The Icespear River was a river located in the Silver Marches region of Northwest Faerûn. It flowed down from the Ice Spires, through the Cold Vale and the Rauvin Mountains,[2] before joining the River Rauvin in the Sundabar Vale.[3][note 1]


As of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the river appeared to begin in the Nether Mountains,[2] before turning east to run roughly parallel with the Fork Road, near the town of Deadsnows.[1]

Over century later, around the Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance, 1485 DR, the source of the river had changed. It flowed along the eastern slopes of the northern Rauvin Mountains, north of the Fork Road.[3]




  1. The location, span, and even existence of the Icespear River is inconsistent throughout various editions. It is not listed in The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier nor the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas. The map from Silver Marches indicates that the river was south of and parallel to the Fork Road. Page 75 of Storm King's Thunder shows the Icespear River running around the eastern edge of the Rauvin Mountains, north of the Fork Road.


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