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Icespire Peak was a mountain located in the Sword Mountains.[1]


Map of the Sword Mountains with the marked position of Icespire Peak.

The mountain was located in the northeast of the Sword Mountains.[2]


Icespire Peak was the tallest peak of the Sword mountains. The jagged, snow-capped mountain was so huge that in good weather it was visible from the nearest settlement, Phandalin, which was about 30 miles away.[2]


When the Icehammer dwarves of Icespire Peak discovered the Winterforge artifact and the frozen body of Lakkar, Hrimnir dreamed of recreating Lakkar's exploits. Thus he gathered an army of frost creatures and tried to acquire the Winterforge, but in the end was killed by some adventurers.[1]

Some time during the 1480s DR, the reborn Cult of the Dragon took over at least one of the Icehammer mithral mines, while the dwarves were busy dealing with frost goblins. Dragon Cult agents led by Dragonsoul Theures stole mithral from within the mine and used it for their own nefarious ends. Fortunately for the Icehammer dwarves, the cult's efforts were thwarted by Fitzhugh Montgomery of the Lords' Alliance and his adventurer ally.[3]

The warlord Delsendra Amzarr built Icespire Hold on Icespire Peak and lived in the fortress for many years. She kept the orcs of the Sword Mountains at bay until the supply chains were cut off by the extreme weather of a very harsh winter. Delsendra and her soldiers were trapped in the fortress and starved to death.[2]

When Icespire Hold was abandoned, it was damaged by an earthquake. Ten years later, an orc tribe led by the war chief Kra took over the fortress. The orcs' reign didn't last long because the young white dragon Cryovain decided to make Icespire Hold its new lair. He gained access through the southwest section that was still damaged by the earthquake. Cryovain ate Kra and several other orcs, causing the remaining orcs to flee. The dragon then settled on the roof and occupied the fortress in the late 15th century DR.[2]

Notable Locations[]

A well-protected stone fortress called Icespire Hold was situated on the northeast spur of the mountain at an altitude of 2,500 ft (760 m) and was surrounded by sheer, icy cliffs. It was only accessible by a narrow trail.[2]




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