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Icespire Peak was a mountain located in the Sword Mountains on the Sword Coast region of the North.[1] It was home to a fortress of frost giants, and the ancestral home of a clan of dwarves that had ties to an ancient artifact that granted power over frost and cold.[2]

...I've heard the Icehammer dwarves have dredged up some ancient evil on Icespire Peak. I don't know details, but it must be pretty serious because they've even been calling for outside assistance to help them deal with it.
— Sergeant Alphonse Knox of the Neverwinter Guard, c. 1479 DR.[2]


Icespire Peak was a jagged, snow-topped mountain and the tallest peak of the Sword Mountains.[1] It was formed park by the frozen remains of a long-dead frost giant that grew to near-unimaginable size by magical means.[2]

In the winter, the beauteous waterfalls that ran down the mountain slopes would freeze over, forming curtains of ice that were stunning to behold.[2]

Mines rich with mithral wound through the heart of the mountain.[2]


Map of the Sword Mountains with the marked position of Icespire Peak.

The mountain was located among the northeast peaks of the Sword Mountains.[3]

The peak was so huge that in good weather it was visible from the nearest settlement, Phandalin, which was about 30 mi (48 km) away.[3]

Geographical Features[]

Certain naturally-forming landmarks of the mountain were given distinct names such as 'Prospector's Ridge' and 'Windchill Reach'.[2]


The warlord Delsendra Amzarr built Icespire Hold on Icespire Peak and lived in the fortress for many years. She kept the orcs of the Sword Mountains at bay until the supply chains were cut off by the extreme weather of a very harsh winter. Delsendra and her soldiers were trapped in the fortress and starved to death.[3]

When Icespire Hold was abandoned, it was damaged by an earthquake.[4] Ten years later, an orc tribe led by the war chief Kra took over the fortress. The orcs' reign didn't last long because the young white dragon Cryovain decided to make Icespire Hold its new lair. He gained access through the southwest section that was still damaged by the earthquake. Cryovain ate Kra and several other orcs, causing the remaining orcs to flee.[5]

Circa the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the dwarves of Clan Icehammer discovered the Winterforge artifact within Icespire Peak, along with the frozen body of Lakkar. After the frost giant Hrimnir caught wind of this discovery, he decided to recreate Lakkar's exploits. Hrimnir gathered an army of frost creatures and tried to acquire the Winterforge for himself. In the end was killed by some adventurers from Neverwinter that allied themselves with Florin Icehammer.[2]

During the 1480s DR,[note 1] the reborn Cult of the Dragon took over at least one of the Icehammer mithral mines, while the dwarves were busy dealing with frost goblins. Dragon Cult agents led by Dragonsoul Theures stole mithral from within the mine and used it for their own nefarious ends. Fortunately for the Icehammer dwarves, the cult's efforts were thwarted by Fitzhugh Montgomery of the Lords' Alliance and his adventurer ally.[6]

Cryovain continued to occupy the fortress circa the Year of the Scarlet Witch, 1491 DR.[7][note 2]

Notable Locations[]

  • Fallen Axe Bridge, this landmark was a massive bridge formed from a colossal-sized axe that spanned a great chasm adjacent to the mountain.[2]
  • Frozen Heart, this giant fortress housed the Winter Forge, an artifact associated with the Elemental Chaos.[2]
  • Icespire Hold, a well-protected stone fortress situated on the northeast spur of the mountain at an altitude of 2,500 ft (760 m). Surrounded by sheer, icy cliffs, it was only accessible by a narrow trail.[3]
  • Toreundar, a mountain village founded by the dwarves of Clan Icehammer.[2]


The mountain was home to ice trolls, along with the Winterkill tribe of goblins.[2]

Notable Inhabitants[]



  1. Canon material does not provide a year for the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, but in a forum post, Greg Marks stated it was set in 1489 DR. However, the events of the Tyranny of Dragons are discussed in the novel Archmage, set in 1486 DR. Since this inconsistency has not been cleared up, this wiki will use the vague term "1480s DR" for events related to this storyline.
  2. The description of the town of Phandalin in the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is the same as in the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, which is set in 1491 DR. This includes the same ages being given for both Elmar Barthen (p. 9 in the Essential Kit and p.16 in the Starter Set) and Linene Graywind (p. 9 in the Essential Kit and p. 17 in the Starter Set).


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