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Icewind Dale is a computer role-playing game developed by Black Isle Studios, released in June 2000. The first game in the Icewind Dale series, it features tactical, party-based combat based on 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The game's story is set in the Icewind Dale region on the northern Sword Coast, several decades prior to the events of the popular Icewind Dale trilogy of novels.

Icewind Dale received two expansion packs: Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster, and was followed by the sequel Icewind Dale II in 2002. In 2014, a remake was released under the title Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, featuring a number of technical improvements.


The game begins in the town of Easthaven within Icewind Dale during Mirtul,1281 DR (Year of the Cold Soul). While a group of adventurers are resting in a local pub known as the Winter's Cradle Tavern, they are invited by the town's leader Hrothgar to take part in an expedition to the town of Kuldahar which has word of strange goings-on. During the journey through the Kuldahar Pass, the expedition is ambushed by frost giants who cause an avalanche which crush the entire expedition force save for the adventurers and block their way back to Easthaven.[1]

The party continues onward to Kuldahar, where they meet the Archdruid Arundel. He explains that, due to the evil which has been terrorizing Kuldahar, the magical ring of warmth surrounding the great oak which the town is built around has begun to recede. Arundel sends the party to help discover the source of the evil before the great oak dies, and Kuldahar is destroyed.

After an unsuccessful attempt to locate the evil, Arundel asks the party to find an ancient scrying item, known as the Heartstone Gem, so he may discover the source of the evil more quickly. The player's party then ventures to a temple where Arundel believes the gem may be kept, only to find that it had been raided quite recently, and that the gem had been stolen. However, Arundel is able to discover the location of the raiders responsible for the theft of the gem - the caverns of Dragon's Eye. After making their way through the vast network of tunnels, the party finds and defeats a powerful demonic creature named Yxunomei. Yxunomei claimed to be using the Heartstone Gem for personal reasons, and mentioned a vendetta and age-old war with someone she sarcastically referred to as an old friend.

When the party returns to Kuldahar, they find it under assault by orogs. After making their way to Arundel's hut, the player converses with a shapechanger disguised as Arundel, who reveals that he is the one Yxunomei was waging war against, and that the real Arundel is dying in another section of the hut, before vanishing. With his dying breath, the real Arundel tells the party to take the Heartstone Gem to Larrel at the fortress of the Severed Hand, as he is now the only one capable of using it. Unfortunately for the player's party, Larrel is found to be insane upon arriving at the fortress, and he only brokenly mentions something about freeing his cursed people, along with a hint on how to go about it. After completing his task, Larrel regains his sanity and uses the Heartstone Gem to discover the source of the evil, which apparently resides in the dwarven city of Dorn's Deep.

After carving their way through Upper Dorn's Deep, Wyrm's Tooth, and Lower Dorn's Deep, the party at last reaches Brother Poquelin - the villain of the game. Poquelin explains that he arrived in the material plane due to his superiors exiling him from his home plane - according to Poquelin, calling his vendetta with Yxunomei "out of control" . Poquelin had predicted that Yxunomei would follow him to the material plane, so he had sought a base of operations in order to begin a military force capable of crushing her. While he was doing so, he stumbled upon the ancient artifact Crenshinibon, which he claims had been "calling" to him. Using its power of attracting evil-intentioned creatures, Poquelin began amassing an immense army with which to conquer the lands of Icewind Dale.

Poquelin claims that everything was going as planned until Hrothgar's expedition had set out to investigate Yxunomei's activities in the area around Kuldahar. He used his frost giant minions to cause the avalanche to crush the expedition. Apparently, he didn't see the player's party as a threat until they stole the Heartstone Gem from Yxunomei, to which he responded by killing Arundel - the only person he thought would be capable of using it. Although the party discovered his location by taking it to Larrel, Poquelin wasn't bothered, as all the while he was amassing his forces outside of Easthaven. After combating Poquelin, he teleports the party back to Easthaven, which is now in ruins. After freeing the surviving villagers and speaking with a local cleric of Tempus, the party makes its way to Poquelin's lair - Easthaven's temple, which has been enveloped by a Cryshal-Tirith (Elvish, meaning "crystal tower"), courtesy of Crenshinibon.

In the end, it is revealed that Poquelin's true intention was to re-open Jerrod's stone, a portal to the Nine Hells created long ago), so that he could conquer the North with an army of devils at his command. Although after opening the portal, the local cleric of Tempus hurls himself into it just as its namesake did - sealing it off at the cost of his own life. This buys the party enough time to fight Poquelin, who has reverted to his true form - the devil Belhifet. After defeating Belhifet and banishing him back to Baator, the Cryshal-Tirith collapses, and the party barely escapes in time. Easthaven begins to be rebuilt, and the game ends with the party victorious. The ending cutscene, however reveals that the narrator who has 'read' the story throughout the game is, in fact, Belhifet and that his banishment from the Prime Material Plane is nearly at an end.



AccaliaAdsonAhmadoraAlbionAldwinAmeliaApselArundelBandothBelhifetBeornBethlaCallardCallianaChizeloChurinCusthantosConlanCristiana KnightDamienDavin BerensonDenainiDillsandraDirty LlewEarlEgeniaElisiaErevain BlacksheafEverardFenglaFergFleezumFlozemFrostbiteGarethGasparGeeloGelarithGerthGheregGinafaeGrisellaGorgGuellaGusHarkenHildreth HighhammerHrothgarIcasarachtIholikan QuinvalIlmadiaIncyliaJedJeffyJermsyJhonenJoril FrostbeardKaylessaKellyKerishKontikKresselackKrilagLehlandLethias EnarilLissspenLysanMalavon DespanaMarchonMarkethMirekMytosNateNorlNorlinorNymOrrickOswald FiddlebenderPerdiemPomab Ak'azmhirPoquelinPresioRed ToeReise CopperskyRichonSaablic TanSehriyaSethSharraSheemishShikataSothTarnelmTelanisTerikanThe Voice of Durdel AnathaTherikQuimbyUligarUrnstValestisVera EllesWeenogWhitcombYxunomei
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Playable races
baelnornbeetle (bombardier, boring, rhinoceros) • black bearcatchickencornugoncowcyclopsdemondrowduergarelemental (earth, fire, water) • ettinghastghoulgiant (fire, frost) • giant squidgobliniron golemhistachiijellyfishknucklehead troutlichlizard manminotaurmummymyconidneo-orogogreorcsalamander (frost) • shadowsharkshriekerskeleton (blast) • spider (phase, sword, wraith) • squirrelsvirfneblintroll (ice) • umber hulkverbeegwhalewhite wyrmwight (cold) • wolf (winter) • yetiyuan-tizombie
Referenced only
abolethaquatic elfazercarrion crawlerderrodogdragon (black, green, white) • efreetidryadfyreflygiant scorpiongoosegorgonhill gianthippogriffhook horrorkuo-toamind flayerremorhazsahuaginsandmanspecterstagunicorn (black) • vampirewraith


Buildings & Sites
Cryshal-TirithKresselack's TombMalavon's DomeSevered Hand
House of the Bleeding RoseTemple of Tempus (Easthaven)Temple of the Forgotten God
Inns & Taverns
Evening Shade InnRoot Cellar TavernSnowdrift InnWinter's Cradle Tavern
Gerth's Equipment ShoppePomab's Emporium
Dorn's DeepEasthavenKuldahar
Dragon's EyeKuldahar PassSpine of the WorldVale of ShadowsWyrm's Tooth
Oceans & Lakes
Lac Dinneshere
Icewind DaleTen Towns
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AbyssAcheronAmnAnaurochArvandorAscarleAuckneyBaldur's GateBattle of BonesBerduskBone CastleBryn ShanderCaer-DinevalCalauntCalimportCalimshanChessentaChultCloakwoodCormyrDalelandsDambrathEibranchaElemental Plane of FireElemental Plane of WaterElf in Armor InnElturelElvenblood PassElysiumEvereskaEvermeetGibling Armstrong's Curious Armor ShoppeGreat GlacierHalfaxe TrailHarrowdaleHigh HaspurHigh MoorHillsfarHost Tower of the ArcaneImmerflow Riverlower planesLuirenLuskanMenzoberranzanMithral HallMonastery of the Weeping LilacMoonseaMulhorandMyth DrannorMyth GlaurachMyth LahlMyth LharastMyth NantarNegative Energy planeNetherilNeverwinterNine HellsOrdulinParaelemental Plane of IcePriadorProcampurRilauvenSea of Fallen StarsSea of SwordsSelgauntSembiaSepulcher of the DimShannathShepherd's ValleySoubarStar MausoleumStarspire PeninsulaSuzailSword CoastTethyrThaythe VastTheskTrollbark ForestWaWaterdeepWestgateZakhara


CrenshinibonHeartstone GemJerrod's Stone
Magic items
AlamionAmulet of dark fleshamulet of protectionApplebaneApsel's DaggerAxe of Caged SoulsBadge of the BraveBaleful MailBardic Horn of Valhallabastard sword: conflagrationbastard sword: defenderbastard sword: incineratorbastard sword: life giverbastard sword of actionbastard sword of phasingBathed-In-Bloodbattleaxe: fatiguebelt of stonesBhaal's FireBlack Dragon ScaleBlack KnightBlack Swan ArmorBlack Wolf TalismanBlade of AihonenBlessed Helm of LathanderBlur DeckBone Kris of Black IchorBone Marrow BeltBone TalismanBonecleaverboots of Moanderboots of speedBoots of the FoxBoots of the Many Pathsbracers of defenseBreath of AurilBren Muller's CrossbowCairn Bladecancerous bastard swordchaos daggercharged battleaxeclasp of Bron's cloakcloak of displacementcomposite longbow of the Handcorrosive hammerCradle of Mielikkicrooked flailcrossbow of defensecrossbow of speeddagger of venomDazerDead Man's FaceDemon's Breathdiseased halberddoom halberdEchoes of Dorn's DeepEdley's SlingEdventar's GiftElven chainmail of the HandErevain's broad swordEvil Spider Crusher of DoomFaith Killerfast flailFayr's halberdfire daggerfire flailFire Kissflaming bastard swordflaming longswordflaming short swordFoe's FateFrostbrandGauntlets of Elven MightGauntlets of infernal damnationgauntlets of weapon skillGiant KillerGiant's SleepGirdle of BeatificationGirdle of GondGirdle of LabelasGirdle of StromnosGlimglam's CloakGolden Girdle of UrnstGuktok's Chopperhalberd of sparkshammer flailhelm of charm protectionHelm of the Trusted DefenderHold FastHonorary Ring of SuneIllian's hunting helmIntercessionJester's Bag of HoldingJoril's axeKaylessa's ArmorKaylessa's BowKaylessa's GlovesKaylessa's RingKontik's Ring of WizardryKresselack's SwordLaurel of Sune's Favorlife daggerlife halberdLife's GiftLonesome RoadLong Cleaverlongbow: defenderlongbow: hammerlongbow of actionlongbow of marksmanshiplongbow: protectorlongsword: enforcerlongsword of actionlongsword of actionlongsword of the HandlongtoothLyre of progressionmage daggerMail of LifeMantle of Hell's FurnaceMantle of the Coming StormMerry ShorthornMessenger of SsethMisery's HeraldMithran's Cloakmorning star of phasingmorning star of the godsMystery of the Deadsanctified war hamerNecklace of MissilesNecromancer's RobeNym's DaggerNym's Rhino Beetle ShieldOl' WitheryOwain's LullabyePale JusticePeacekeeperPeasant's Rewardphase daggerphasing bastard swordPig's EyePresio's daggerPuny's PokerQuiet BootsRedemptionrepeating crossbowring of aura transfusionring of dwarven bonering of greater resistancering of intelligencering of lesser resistancering of missile deflectionring of pain amplificationring of protectionring of reckless actionring of resistanceRing of Sanctuaryring of strengthRing of the Gorgonrobe of cold resistanceRobe of enfusingRobe of the Evil ArchmagiRobe of the Neutral ArchmagiRobe of the WatcherScarab of DefenseSelûne's PromiseSerrated Bone BladeShield of the Handshield ringshocking flailshort sword of phasingshort sword of shadowsSlayerSome God's Lesser PromiseSpell DiverSpear of Kerishspiked longswordSpinesheathStaff of Moradin's Breathstar forged halberdstatic daggerStatic StarStoutwardSymbol of Corellon LarethianSymbol of Labelas EnorethStaff of Nature's WrathSymbol of Sehanine MoonbowSymbol of ShevarashSymbol of Solonor ThelandiraTalos's GiftThe Argent ShieldThe Bitch Queen's EnvoyThe Celebrant's BladeThe Cittern of WarThe Dire Old Lute of Pellon KayThe Elfbone Ring of Kiran-HaiThe Giving StarThe GuideThe Mace of Weal and WoeThe Red Knight's ShieldThe Salamander's TongueThe Snow Maiden's ReaverThe Spear of White AshThe Sword of DaysTrollkiller swordTurodaheltwo-handed axe: life givertwo-handed fire axetwo-handed axe of phasingtwo-handed axe of resistanceValiantViol of the Hollow Men
antidoteelixir of healthmummy's teaoil of fiery burningoil of null effectoil of speedOil of the Serpent's Scalesphilter of purificationpotion of absorptionpotion of agilitypotion of claritypotion of cloud giant strengthpotion of constitutionpotion of defensepotion of explosionspotion of extra healingpotion of firebreathpotion of fire giant strengthpotion of fire resistancepotion of fortitudepotion of freedompotion of frost giant strengthpotion of geniuspotion of healingpotion of heroismpotion of hill giant strengthPotion of Holy Transferencepotion of infravisionpotion of insightpotion of insulationpotion of invisibilitypotion of invulnerabilitypotion of magic blockingpotion of magic shieldingpotion of master thieverypotion of mind focusingpotion of mirrored eyespotion of perceptionpotion of regenerationpotion of stone formpotion of stone giant strengthpotion of strengthpotion of strength transferencered potionspirit essence
acid stormAganazzar's scorcheraidanimal summoning Ianimal summoning IIanimal summoning IIIanimate deadantimagic shellarmorbarkskinBeltyn's burning bloodblessblindnessblurburning handscall lightningchain lightningchantchaoschaotic commandscharm personcharm person or mammalchill touchchromatic orbcloak of fearcloudkillcolor spraycommand word: diecone of coldconfusionconjure earth elementalconjure fire elementalconjure water elementalcreeping doomcure critical woundscure diseasecure light woundscure moderate woundscure serious woundscursedeath fogdeath spelldecastavedefensive harmonydemi-shadow monstersdetect evildetect invisibilitydimension doordire charmdisintegratedispel magicdominationdraw upon holy mightentangleentropy shieldfeeblemindfind trapsfinger of deathfire seedsfire stormfireballflame arrowflame bladeflame strikeflesh to stonefree actionfriendsghost armorghoul touchgiant insectglobe of invulnerabilityglyph of wardinggreasegreater malisongoodberryhastehealhold animalhold personhold monsterhorrorice stormicelanceidentifyimpervious sanctity of mindimproved invisibilityincendiary cloudinfravisioninsect plagueinvisibilityinvisibility purgeinvisible stalkerknockknow alignmentLarloch's minor drainlich touchlightning boltluckmagic missilemagical stoneMalavon's ragemass invisibilityMelf's acid arrowmental dominationmind blankminor globe of invulnerabilitymirror imagemiscast magicmonster summoning Imonster summoning IImonster summoning IIImonster summoning IVmonster summoning Vmonster summoning VImonster summoning VIIMordenkainen's swordneutralize poisonnondetectionOtiluke's freezing sphereOtiluke's resilient spherepower word: killpower word: silencepower word: stunprayerprismatic sprayproduce fireprotection from evilprotection from evil, 10' radiusprotection from fireprotection from lightningprotection from normal missilesprotection from petrificationraise deadrecitationremove curseremove fearremove paralysisresist fearresist fire and coldresurrectionrighteous wrath of the faithfulrigid thinkingsanctuaryshadesshadow monstersshieldshillelaghshocking graspshroud of flamesilence, 15' radiusskull trapsleepslowslow poisonSnilloc's snowball swarmSol's searing orbspike stonesspirit armorspiritual hammerstatic chargestinking cloudstone to fleshstoneskinstrengthstrength of onesummon shadowsunraysymbol of hopelessnesssymbol of painTenser's transformationvampiric touchvocalizeweb
Pemby's Wand of Many Missileswand of armorywand of freezing deathwand of lightningwand of sleepwand of the heavenswand of trap detection
Referenced only
amulet of non-detectionChess Sets of Niri Aldurgeashelm of underwater actionMalamionmythalpotion of speed


Bleeding EyeKraken SocietyOrder of the Broken BladeRed Wizards of ThayReghedmen
Referenced only
Church of Labelas Enoreth
Referenced only
Baris CabalBlinded AcolytesBone LegionChamberlain familyChurch of IstishiaChurch of KossuthChurch of MaskChurch of SuneClan BattlehammerCompany of Frozen TreesGallaway Trading CosterGreycloaks of EvereskaHawksKerrn's BreakersPlague RatsPurple DragonsRed Mask BrigadeUthgardtWar WizardsZhentarimZhentilar


AurilCallarduran SmoothhandsDugmaren BrightmantleEldathIlmaterLabelas EnorethMoradinMyrkulSilvanusSsethTalonaTempus
Referenced only
AngharradhArvoreenAssuranBaneBerronar TruesilverBeshabaBhaalCorellonChaunteaGarl GlittergoldGondGruumshHanali CelanilHelmHorus-ReIstishiaKossuthLabelasLathanderLliiraLolthLoviatarMalarMaskMielikkiMililMoanderMyrkulRed KnightSehanine MoonbowSelûneShevarashSolonor ThelandiraSuneTalosTchazzarTormTymoraTyrUmberleeUrogalanVhaeraun


chainmailleather armorplate mailscale armorsplint mailshieldumber hulk plate
Arrowflight AleBerduskan Black Brewbrandyelven healing wineFiddlebender's Mystery BrewFrost Giant Yellow Snow MeltFrost WineGrisella's Dale AleKnee Cracker CiderKuldahar Tree SapLuskan StoutMarsember BlushmeadStagheart Bough MeadWinter Wine
Ancient Lore on ShevarashAnimals Are Your FriendCode of Training in the Seldarine's HandEcology of the UnicornElameth's CompendiumFish of the Sea of Fallen StarsGreat Pottery of LuirenHippogriff Riders of the HandHow To Serve ManMythal TheoryOn Non-ViolenceOphidian NecromancyPhilosophy of Kara-Tur"Rock Eaters" They are NotSecret SocietiesTending IvyWorship in the Hand of the Seldarine
chessHoly Chaos!
agni maniandarangel's skinaquamarineblack opalbloodstonebluestonechrysoberylcoraldiamondemeraldfire agatefire opalflamedancegarnetgreenstonehorn coralioljadejasperkings' tearsLaeral's tearslynx eyemoonbarmoonstonemother of pearlonyxpearlrogue stonerubyshandonskydropsphenestar diopsidestar sapphiresunstonetchazartiger cowrieturquoisewater opalwaterstarziosezircon
leather (honey) • thistledown
Metals & Alloys
oaksandalwoodwhite ash
flaming oilholy waterrazorvine extract
battleaxeclubcrossbowdaggergreatswordhalberdlongbowlongswordmaceshort swordshortbowspear
fishing pole
Referenced only
appleDim CourserBattle of Black LawnsBattle of Hollow HillsBattle of Jerrod's StoneBattle of Seldarine's HandBattle of the DeadCelan HaradCinnaelos'CorCrown WarsFen Mists of Acallofrostberryholy slayerivyplumRetreatsandalwoodshugenjastinkweed • "The Fight of Green Thirteen" • "Three Avengers"



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