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Icewind Dale II is the sequel to Icewind Dale. It is set around 30 years after the events of the original game. Its plot revolves around a goblin uprising in the North, known as the Legion of the Chimera, which threatens to overrun the Ten Towns if not stopped.


Icewind Dale II has an upgraded version of Icewind Dale's real-time D&D 3rd-edition rule set.


A New Adventure Emerges from the Spine of the World!
The call has gone out across the Sword Coast. The Ten Towns of Icewind Dale are paying for mercenaries, soldiers, and adventurers of all types to sail north and defend the town of Targos from encroaching goblinoid hordes. It is up to the heroes to break this grip of evil, or die trying!


The story begins in 1312 DR as a group of mercenaries arrive by ship to defend Targos.[1] They report to the town palisade and fend off an assault by the goblin contingent of the Legion of the Chimera's army.[2][3] After this, the mayor of Targos orders them to start an offensive on the approaching force.[4] The group kills the chieftain of the army, and discovers that he was under the command of a woman named Sherincal.[5] When they return to Targos, the mayor asks them to rendezvous with reinforcements from Neverwinter.[6] The group travels to meet them in an airship piloted by Oswald Fiddlebender.[7]

A storm causes the ship to crash, and the group awakens to discover that a glacier blocks the reinforcements' path.[8] While investigating the glacier, the group finds Sherincal, a half-dragon, guarding the entrance to an Aurilite temple. They learn that Sherincal leads the Legion of the Chimera's western forces, and that the leaders of the Legion of the Chimera, cambion twins named Isair and Madae, reside in the Severed Hand.[9][10] Inside the Aurilite temple, the group finds a prisoner from Kuldahar, who asks them to warn Kuldahar of the threat posed by the Legion of the Chimera.[11][12] After this, the group creates a passage through the glacier, and meets with the reinforcements.[13][12]

As the group travels to Kuldahar, they meet a drow named Nym, who tells them that the pass to Kuldahar is guarded by the Legion of the Chimera, and that an alternate path through the Underdark exists.[14] Later, Isair and Madae locate the group with information from Nym. They state their intention to attack Kuldahar, and warn the group to not interfere.[15] The group then passes through the Black Raven Monastery to enter the Underdark.[16] After exiting the Underdark, they are flown to Kuldahar by Oswald Fiddlebender.[17]

When the group lands in Kuldahar, they discover it has been invaded by the Legion of the Chimera.[18] They meet the Archdruid of Kuldahar, who tells them that a portal has been opened to allow yuan-ti from the Jungles of Chult to assault Kuldahar.[19] After the group prevents the attack, the Archdruid tells them that they may reach the Severed Hand through an exit at the bottom floor of the Dragon's Eye.[20][21] The group travels through Dragon's Eye, and proceeds to the Severed Hand.[22][23] Once inside, they learn that the war between the Ten Towns and the Legion of the Chimera was caused by the mayor of Bryn Shander, who had sent Isair and Madae poisoned food.[10] They also discover that a mythal that was cast on the Severed Hand has been corrupted, and the structure will be transported to the plane of Limbo.[24] Eventually, the group finds Isair and Madae, and kills them.



Alia Shield-MaidenAochaBastinadoBeodaewnBrastonBroganCaballusCahl-HyredCaritaDalwynd MeadsbreathDeirdre GallawayElytharra DinnesmoreEnneliaFirtha KerdosGarkGeldinGhotragHalgren Death's HeadHylei ShadowhandKei the Wooden IdolKepp TrapmasterKhatjaKoluhm BonecutterKylei ShadowhandKylieLaerisLeeviLlendril CoeLoki (cat)Lumbar GrundwallMordakai of ThayMokrulNaleenNevae QuarNyzeil NighthammerOagla'taOgrokOswald FiddlebenderPhaen of the RagsRukwurmS'feria RanulSheris LyricistSilence-Before-IronSirge de La SunyaTahvoTianyaTrugnukUlbrec DinnesmoreVghotanVraednaXukiYurstZack Boosenburry
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ArakonBlack DonaldDon Di'ArmosDullcobble TweedHreidgarJerrodKaervasKresselackLettoMarinerSammel ColgerTim RootfieldWylfdene


Playable Races
aasimardrowduergarghostwise halflinggold dwarfhalf-elfhalf-orchumanlightfoot halflingmoon elfrock gnomeshield dwarfstrongheart halflingsvirfneblintieflingwild elf
abishai (red, white) • aerial servantbarghestbear (polar) • beetle (bombardier, boring, fire) • beholderboar (arctic) • bugbearcambioncatchickenchimeracold bonescornugoncowcyclopsdeerdemonderrodogdoomguarddoppelgangerdragon (black, white) • drakedriderdrowned deaddryadefreetielemental (air, earth, fire, water) • ettercapfeyrflamewalkerfomorianfrost giantgeniegelugonglabrezugnoll • goblingolem (crystal, flesh, iron, mind) • half-dragon (blue, red) • half-goblinharpyhell houndhighland cathighland snakehobgoblinhook horrorillithidinvisible stalkerjaguarlava mephitlemurelion (spotted) • lizardmanmad catmaridminotaurmummymustard jellymyconidochre jellyogreolive slimeorcorog (neo (black, red)) • otyughpantherrakshasaremorhazsalamander (frost) • scragshadowshambling moundskeleton (boneguard) • spider (giant, wooly, ice, phase, sword) • treanttroll (fire, ice, snow) • tundra yetiumber hulkverbeegviciscameraviperwerebadgerwereratwerewolfwightwolf (dire, winter) • worgwraithwyrmwyvernyuan-ti (abomination, halfblood, histachii, pureblood) • zombie (icepoisonslime)
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Buildings & Sites
Black Raven MonasteryTargos Pavilion
Inns & Taverns
Evening ShadeSalty Dog TavernWeeping Widow InnWinter's Cradle Tavern
Gallaway Trading Depot
KuldaharTargosRilauvenShaengarne FordWandering Village
ChultDemiplane of ShadowIcewind DaleThe Underdark
Fields of SlaughterShaengarne River
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Annals of HalgrenBruenghor ClanCult of MalarGallaway Trading CosterHouse de La SunyaIron CollarLady's LamentSilverstars of SelûneSisters of the Blood MoonThe Winter Rose
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Monastery of the Yellow RoseRed WizardsShadow ThievesTribe of the BearTribe of the ElkTribe of the Great WhaleWinnowing Drake Company


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air genesi armorarmor of the clerics of MyrkulFlank of the VirginFootman's FollyPhaen's robe of rags
cleansing medallionhoundstooth collarhowling wolf charmprotection from evil ringreturning frost dartring of the wiseWitherbranch boots
bullet of corrosive burstkeen arrowsure strike bulletsparking bolt
armor of faith potionbraehgdelay poison potiongreater restoration potionlesser restoration potionminor mirror image potionpotion of explosionspotion of shieldpotion of minor elemental barrierpotion of shield of faith
Wondrous Items
The Merry Shorthornwand of mage armorwinter wolf cloakwinter wolf gloveswinter wolf hatwinter wolf scarf
acid fogacid stormaegisAganazzar's scorcheraidalicorn lanceanimal rageanimate deadantimagic fieldarmor of faithaura of vitalityball lightningbanebanishmentbarkskinbeast clawBeltyn's burning bloodblack blade of disasterblasphemyblessblindnessblinkblood rageblurbull's strengthburning handscacofiendcall lightningcarrion summonscat's gracechain lightningchampion's strengthchantchaoschaotic commandscharm personcharm person or animalchill touchchromatic orbcircle of bladescircle of bonescloak of fearcloudkillcolor spraycommandcone of coldconfusionconjure animalscontagioncontrol undeadcreeping doomcure critical woundscure light woundscure moderate woundscure serious woundsdarts of bonedeafnessdeath armordeath warddecastavedefensive harmonydelay poisondelayed blast fireballdestructiondire charmdisintegratedismissaldispel magicdivine shelldolorous decaydominate persondoomdraw upon holy mighteagle's splendorelemental barrierelemental legionemotion: despairemotion: fearemotion: hopeemotion: rageentangleexaltationexecutioner's eyesfaerie firefeeblemindfiery cloudfind trapsfinger of deathfire seedsfire shieldfire stormfireballflame arrowflame bladeflame strikeflayingflesh to stonefreedom of movementfrost fingersgateGedlee's electric loopghost armorghoul touchgiant verminglobe of invulnerabilityglyph of wardinggoodberrygreasegreat shoutgreater commandgreater restorationgreater shadow conjurationgreater shield of Lathanderharmhastehealhealing circlehold animalhold monsterhold personholy auraholy powerholy smiteholy wordhorrid wiltinghorrorice bladeice daggerice stormicelanceidentifyimpervious sanctity of mindimproved invisibilityinflict critical woundsinflict light woundsinflict moderate woundsinflict serious woundsinsect plagueinvisibilityinvisibility purgeinvisibility sphereiron bodyiron skinsknocklance of disruptionLarloch's minor drainlesser planar bindinglesser restorationlich touchlightning boltlower resistanceluckmage armormagic circle against evilmagic missilemagic stoneMalavon's ragemalisonmass dominatemass hastemass healmass invisibilityMelf's acid arrowMelf's minute meteorsmeteor swarmmind blankminor elemental barrierminor mirror imagemirror imagemiscast magicmist of Eldathmold touchmoon motesmoonbladeMordenkainen's force missilesMordenkainen's swordnegative energy protectionneutralize poisonnon-detectionOtiluke's freezing sphereOtiluke's resilient sphereOswald's mendingphantom bladeplanar bindingpoisonpower word: blindpower word: killpower word: silencepower word: sleeppower word: stunprayerprismatic sprayprotection from acidprotection from arrowsprotection from electricityprotection from evilprotection from fireprotection from lightningprotection from petrificationrainstormraise deadray of enfeeblementrecitationremove curseremove diseaseremove fatigueremove fearremove paralysisresurrectionrigid thinkingsanctuarysee invisibilityseven eyesshadesshadow conjurationshamblershieldshield of Lathandershillelaghshocking graspshoutshroud of flamesilenceskull trapslay livingsleepslowsmashing wavesnakebiteSnilloc's snowball swarmSol's searing orbsoul eaterspell resistancespell shieldspider spawnspike growthspike stonesspirit armorspiritual weaponspiritual wrathstar metal cudgelstatic chargestinking cloudstone to fleshstoneskinstorm shellstrength of onesuffocatesummon djinnisummon efreetisummon fiendsummon invisible stalkersummon monster Isummon monster IIsummon monster IIIsummon monster IVsummon monster Vsummon monster VIsummon monster VIIsummon monster VIIIsummon monster IXsummon nature's ally Isummon nature's ally IIsummon nature's ally IIIsummon nature's ally IVsummon nature's ally Vsummon nature's ally VIsummon nature's ally VIIsummon nature's ally VIIIsummon nature's ally IXsummon shadowsunbeamsunfiresunscorchsymbol of deathsymbol of fearsymbol of hopelessnesssymbol of painsymbol of stunningTenser's transformationthorn spraytortoise shelltremortrollish fortitudeundead wardunholy blightvampiric touchvipergoutvitriolic spherevocalizewail of the bansheewall of firewall of moonlightwebwhirlwindwyvern call




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  1. The game takes place around 30 years after Icewind Dale (game). The exact date is indicated in the party journal as the 1st of Mirtul 1312 DR.


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