Icewolf was a small village located on the Ice Peak.[1][4][3][2][5]


The shaman, Bleak Sky at Morning, ruled over this village. The governor and the rest of the village were anti-Luskan, and would not support them in their conquests.[1] Luskan, however, did not see Icewolf as a threat.[2]


Icewolf had a standing army of 50 warriors, as well as several large boats.[1]


In the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, mages of Hellgate Keep infiltrated the village and tried to find the location of Thlaaklauthimir's lair. After getting permission from the shaman, the Heroes of Ascore slew the robed mages and the great white dragon.[4]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was rumored that a shipwreck lay very close to the village, and that it contained a vast sum of valuables.[1] In 1358 DR, it was reported that seal hunters were being driven from their hunting by fighters dressed as Ice Hunters—many hunting groups did not return. The Ice Hunters themselves chose not to join the hunt, potentially ruining the annual seal harvest. A High Captain of Luskan, Suljack, promised to take action against the hunters that did not meet their yearly quota.[6]

Notable LocationsEdit

The village contained a temple, a training hall, and a gem-trader's office. An Ice Hunter cleric had a home here, and he provided treatment for the injured. There was a small Northlander complex to the north of the village, which was also the place of the magical Northhelm. A cursed ring, known as the ring of vulnerability, was stashed in a chest by mages of Hellgate Keep. Icewolf Village was the last stop before ascending to Freezefire's lair.[4]


Though originally only inhabited by Ice Hunters, many Northlanders moved into the village.[7] Yetis and ice hounds also roamed the settlement.[4]

The women of Icewolf wore very expensive jewellery, from ancient gold to platinum coins.[1]



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