Icons of the Realms is a line of Forgotten Realms miniatures by Wizkids, intended for use with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The line consists of hundreds of miniatures, many of which tie into official storylines, adventures, and video games.

List of miniaturesEdit

Starter SetEdit

Released: 14 July 2014.

# Name Size Rarity Note
Drizzt Do'Urden Medium
Dwarf Cleric Medium
Human Ranger Medium
Elf Wizard Medium
Northlands Fighter Medium
Halfling Rogue Medium

Tyranny of DragonsEdit

Released: 19 August 2014.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Rock Gnome Female Wizard Small Common
01-ALT Rock Gnome Female Wizard (Invisible) Small Ultra Rare
02 Stoutheart Halfling Female Bard Small Common
02-ALT Stoutheart Halfling Female Bard (Invisible) Small Ultra Rare
03 Quickling Small Common
04 Svirfneblin Fighter Small Common
05 Kobold Fighter Small Common
06 Goblin Fighter Small Common
07 Mane Demon Small Common
08 Human Paladin Medium Common
09 Sun Elf Guard Medium Common
10 Orc Fighter Medium Common
11 Human Zhentarim Bandit Medium Common
12 Hobgoblin Fighter Medium Common
13 Human Female Barbarian Medium Common
14 Orog Orc Fighter Medium Uncommon
15 Doppleganger Medium Uncommon
16 Wood Elf Druid Medium Uncommon
17 Green Hag Medium Uncommon
18 Needle Blight Medium Uncommon
19 Human Red Wizard Medium Uncommon
20 Cult of the Dragon Enforcer Medium Uncommon
21 Bugbear Medium Uncommon
22 Guard Drake Medium Uncommon
23 Wraith Medium Uncommon
24 Bronze Dragon Large Uncommon
25 Ogre Mage Large Uncommon
26 Stone Giant Elder Large Uncommon
27 Frost Giant Large Uncommon
28 Pegasus Large Uncommon
29 Wyvern Large Uncommon
30 Black Shadow Dragon Large Uncommon
31 Green Dragon Large Uncommon
32 Copper Dragon Large Uncommon
33 Half-black dragon Lord Medium Rare
34 Ballista Medium Rare
35 Mind Flayer Medium Rare
36 Half-red dragon Fighter Medium Rare
37 Aarakocra Medium Rare
38 Movanic Deva Angel Medium Rare
39 Harpy Medium Rare
40 Gargoyle Medium Rare
41 Blue Dragon Large Rare
42 Silver Dragon Large Rare
43 Gold Dragon Large Rare
44 Red Dragon Large Rare
45 Gargantuan Brass Dragon Gargantuan Unique Case incentive
46 Drizzt Do'Urden (invisible) Medium Ultra rare Invisible version of Starter Set miniature
47 Dwarf Cleric (invisible) Medium Ultra rare Invisible version of Starter Set miniature
48 Human Ranger (invisible) Medium Ultra rare Invisible version of Starter Set miniature
49 Elf Wizard (invisible) Medium Ultra rare Invisible version of Starter Set miniature
50 Northlands Fighter (invisible) Medium Ultra rare Invisible version of Starter Set miniature
51 Halfling Rogue (invisible) Medium Ultra rare Invisible version of Starter Set miniature
Bahamut Gargantuan Unique Premium exclusive
Tiamat Gargantuan Unique Premium exclusive

Elemental EvilEdit

Released: February 2015.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Magmin Small Common
02 Forest Gnome Ranger Small Common
02-ALT Forest Gnome Ranger (Invisible) Small Ultra Rare
03 Svirfneblin Rogue Small Common
04 Fire Snake Small Common
05 Fire Bat Small Common
06 Pseudodragon Small Common
07 Shield Dwarf Fighter Medium Common
07-ALT Shield Dwarf Fighter (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
08 Wolf Spider Medium Common
09 Ghoul Medium Common
10 Troglodyte Medium Common
11 Earth Cult Warrior Medium Common
12 Dread Warrior Medium Common
13 Water Cult Warrior Medium Common
14 Air Cult Warrior Medium Uncommon
15 Gold Dwarf Guard Medium Uncommon
15-ALT Gold Dwarf Guard (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
16 Wight Medium Uncommon
17 Fire Cult Warrior Medium Uncommon
18 Moon Elf Ranger Medium Uncommon
18-ALT Moon Elf Ranger (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
19 Earth Elemental Medium Uncommon
20 Water Elemental Medium Uncommon
21 Duergar Fighter Medium Uncommon
22 Gnoll Fighter Medium Uncommon
23 Peryton Medium Uncommon
24 Earth Genasi Fighter Medium Uncommon
24-ALT Earth Genasi Fighter (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
25 Ogre Large Uncommon
26 Owlbear Large Uncommon
27 Ettin Large Uncommon
28 Fire Elemental Large Uncommon
29 Air elemental Large Uncommon
30 Solar Angel Large Uncommon
31 Hieracosphinx Large Uncommon
32 Griffon Large Uncommon
33 Air Genasi Rogue Medium Rare
33-ALT Air Genasi Rogue (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
34 Fire Myrmidon Medium Rare
35 Salamander Medium Rare
36 Basilisk Medium Rare
37 Darkenbeast Medium Rare
38 Black Dragon Medium Rare
39 Blue Dragon Medium Rare
40 Green Dragon Medium Rare
41 White Dragon Large Rare
42 Brass Dragon Large Rare
43 Bronze Dragon Large Rare
44 Chimera Large Rare
45 Ancient Silver Dragon Gargantuan Unique Case incentive

Rage of DemonsEdit

Released: September 2015.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Derro Small Common
02 Dretch Demon Small Common
03 Kobold Guard Small Common
04 Goblin Archer Small Common
05 Quasit Small Common
06 Cockatrice Small Common
07 Duergar Fighter Medium Common
08 Shield Dwarf Wizard Medium Common
09 Kuo-Toa Fighter Medium Common
10 Grimlock Medium Common
11 Lizardfolk Fighter Medium Common
12 Hobgoblin Soldier Medium Common
13 Drow Scout Medium Common
14 Human Wizard Medium Uncommon
15 Half-Orc Paladin Medium Uncommon
16 Drow Captain Medium Uncommon
17 Quaggoth Medium Uncommon
18 Ettercap Medium Uncommon
19 Water Myrmidon Medium Uncommon
20 Shadow Demon Medium Uncommon
21 Banshee Medium Uncommon
22 Air Myrmidon Medium Uncommon
23 Drow Archmage Medium Uncommon
24 Kuo-Toa Archpriest Medium Uncommon
25 Troll Large Uncommon
26 Drider Large Uncommon
27 Carrion Crawler Large Uncommon
28 Roper Large Uncommon
29 Vrock Demon Large Uncommon
30 Chasme Demon Large Uncommon
31 Nightmare Large Uncommon
32 Djinn Large Uncommon
33 Efreet Large Uncommon
34 Wood Elf Archer Medium Rare
35 Blink dog Medium Rare
36 Bugbear Hunter Medium Rare
37 Gnoll Champion of Yeenoghu Medium Rare
38 Mind Flayer Lich Medium Rare
39 Rust Monster Medium Rare
40 Xorn Medium Rare
41 Copper Dragon Medium Rare
42 Helmed Horror Medium Rare
43 Grell Medium Rare
44 Spectator Medium Rare
45 Hook Horror Large Rare
46 Gold Dragon Large Rare
47 Nalfeshnee Demon Large Rare
48 Red Dracolich Large Rare
49 Beholder Large Rare
50 White Dracolich Gargantuan Unique Case incentive
51 Human Wizard (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Invisible version of #14
52 Blink Dog (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Invisible version of #35
53 Mind Flayer Lich (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Invisible version of #38
54 Shadow Gold Dragon Large Ultra Rare Shadow version of #46
55 Shadow Beholder Large Ultra Rare Shadow version of #49

Monster MenagerieEdit

Released: April 2016.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Faerie Dragon Small Common
02 Imp Small Common
03 Will-O'-Wisp Small Common
04 Giant Fire Beetle Small Common
05 Jarhild Stoneforge Medium Common
05-ALT Jarhild Stoneforge (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
06 Larethar Gulgrin Medium Common
06-ALT Larethar Gulgrin (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
07 Specter Medium Common
08 Strahd Zombie Medium Common
09 Wolf Medium Common
10 Mummy Medium Common
11 Dryad Medium Common
12 Skeleton Medium Common
13 Orc Medium Common
14 Mimic Medium Uncommon
15 Satyr Medium Uncommon
16 Githyanki Warrior Medium Uncommon
17 Merfolk Medium Uncommon
18 Medusa Medium Uncommon
19 Ghost Medium Uncommon
20 Werewolf Medium Uncommon
21 Bryn Lightfingers Medium Uncommon
21-ALT Bryn Lightfingers (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
22 Hommet Shaw Medium Uncommon
22-ALT Hommet Shaw (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
23 Vampire Medium Uncommon
24 Illydia Maethellyn Medium Uncommon
24-ALT Illydia Maethellyn (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
25 Displacer Beast Large Uncommon
25-ALT Displacer Beast (Invisible) Large Ultra Rare
26 Swarm of Bats Large Uncommon
27 Unicorn Large Uncommon
28 Phase spider Large Uncommon
28-ALT Phase Spider (Invisible) Large Ultra Rare
29 Yeti Large Uncommon
30 Gelatinous Cube Large Uncommon
31 Centaur Large Uncommon
32 Bulette Large Uncommon
33 Invisible Stalker Medium Rare
34 Erinyes Medium Rare
35 Lich Medium Rare
36 Rakshasa Medium Rare
37 Succubus Medium Rare
38 Death Knight Medium Rare
39 Ezmerelda d'Avenir Medium Rare
39-ALT Ezmerelda d'Avenir (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
40 Strahd von Zarovich Medium Rare
40-ALT Strahd von Zarovich (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
41 Manticore Large Rare
42 Umber Hulk Large Rare
43 Minotaur Large Rare
44 Young Remorhaz Large Rare
45 Treant Gargantuan Unique Case incentive

Storm King's ThunderEdit

Released: September 2016.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Intellect Devourer Small Common
02 Sprite Small Common Wielding sword
03 Sprite Small Common Wielding bow
04 Darkmantle Small Common
05 Homunculus Small Common
06 Cazi Alphelandra Medium Common
06-ALT Cazi Alphelandra (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
07 Crag Ungart Medium Common
07-ALT Crag Ungart (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
08 Giant Frog Medium Common
09 Scarecrow Medium Common
10 Kenku Medium Common Wielding sword
11 Kenku Medium Common Wielding bow
12 Yochlol Medium Common
13 Hell Hound Medium Common
14 Bandit Captain Medium Uncommon
14-ALT Bandit Captain (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
15 Bandit Medium Uncommon
16 Thri-Kreen Medium Uncommon Wielding spear
17 Thri-Kreen Medium Uncommon Wielding shuriken
18 Githzerai Monk Medium Uncommon Wielding dagger
19 Githzerai Monk Medium Uncommon Wielding flame
20 Kleef Kenric Medium Uncommon
20-ALT Kleef Kenric (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
21 Wight Medium Uncommon
22 Yuan-Ti Pureblood Medium Uncommon Wielding sword
23 Yuan-Ti Pureblood Medium Uncommon Wielding bow
24 Azer Medium Uncommon
25 Winter wolf Large Uncommon
26 Fomorian Large Uncommon
27 Fire Giant Huge Uncommon
28A Cloud Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding scimitar
28B Cloud Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding spear
29A Frost Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding sword
29B Frost Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding axe
30 Stone Giant Huge Uncommon
31A Hill Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding club
31B Hill Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding spear
32A Fire Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding hammer
32B Fire Giant Huge Uncommon Wielding mace
33 Solara Thann Medium Rare
33-ALT Solara Thann (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
34 Night Hag Medium Rare
34-ALT Night Hag (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
35 Yuan-Ti Malison Medium Rare Type 1
36 Yuan-Ti Malison Medium Rare Type 2
37 Yuan-Ti Malison Medium Rare Type 3
38 Helena Nostrum Medium Rare
38-ALT Helena Nostrum (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
39 Yuan-Ti Abomination Medium Rare
40 Lai Antolio Medium Rare
40-ALT Lai Antolio (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
41 King Hekaton Huge Rare
42 Countess Sansuri Huge Rare
43 Harshnag Huge Rare
44 Iymrith Huge Rare
45 Chief Guh Gargantuan Unique Case incentive

Monster Menagerie IIEdit

Released: January 2017.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Giant Rat Small Common
02 Kobold Small Common Wielding club
03 Goblin Small Common Wielding sword
04 Halfling Rogue Small Common
04-ALT Halfling Rogue (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
05 Bullywug Medium Common
06 Drow Elite Warrior Medium Common
06-ALT Drow Elite Warrior (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
07 Orc Medium Common Wielding hammer
08 Ghast Medium Common
09 Human Cleric Medium Common
09-ALT Human Cleric (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
10 Human Monk Medium Common
10-ALT Human Monk (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
11 Elf Fighter Medium Common
11-ALT Elf Fighter (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
12 Bugbear Medium Common Wielding axe
13 Sahuagin Medium Common
14 Kobold Medium Uncommon Wielding axe
15 Goblin Medium Uncommon Wielding axe
16 Orc Warrior Medium Uncommon Wielding sword
17 Bugbear Medium Uncommon Wielding greataxe
18A Hobgoblin Medium Uncommon Wielding sword and shield
18B Hobgoblin Medium Uncommon Wearing helmet
19 Half-orc Barbarian Medium Uncommon
19-ALT Half-Orc Barbarian (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
20A Gnoll Medium Uncommon Unarmed
20B Gnoll Medium Uncommon Wielding flail
21 Human Wizard Medium Uncommon
21-ALT Human Wizard (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
22 Sea Hag Medium Uncommon
23 Brass Dragon Wyrmling Medium Uncommon
24 White Dragon Wyrmling Medium Uncommon
25 Black Pudding Large Uncommon
26 Clay Golem Large Uncommon
27 Hippogriff Large Uncommon
28 Iron Golem Large Uncommon
29 Planetar Angel Large Uncommon
30 Stone Golem Large Uncommon
31 Worg Large Uncommon
32 Galeb Duhr Medium Rare
33A Uthgardt Barbarian Medium Rare Bald
33B Uthgardt Barbarian Medium Rare With hair
34A Mind Flayer Medium Rare Unarmed
34A-ALT Mind Flayer (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Unarmed
34B Mind Flayer Medium Rare Wielding dagger
34B-ALT Mind Flayer (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Wielding dagger
35 Tiefling Warlock Medium Rare
35-ALT Tiefling Warlock (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
36 Grick Medium Rare
37 Half-Gold dragon Sorcerer Medium Rare
37-ALT Half-Gold Dragon Sorcerer (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
38 Gold Dragon Wyrmling Medium Rare
39 Red Dragon Wyrmling Medium Rare
40 Young Black Dragon Large Rare
41 Gynosphinx Large Rare
42 Beholder Large Rare
43 Androsphinx Large Rare
Adventurer's Campsite Unique Case incentive
Adventurer's Pack Unique 3 in set
Bag of Holding Unique 2 in set
Bedroll Unique 3 in set
Camp Fire Unique 2 in set
Cooking Pot Unique 1 in set
Ezmerelda's Wagon Unique 1 in set
Horse with Saddle Large Unique 2 in set
Keg Unique 2 in set
Pile of Sacks Unique 2 in set
Scroll Unique 2 in set
Spellbook Unique 2 in set
Treasure Chest Unique 3 in set
Weapon Rack Unique 2 in set

Epic Level Starter SetEdit

Released: June 2017.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Gold Dwarf Cleric Medium
02 Human Ranger Medium
03 Sun Elf Wizard Medium
04 Northlands Fighter Medium
05 Lightfoot Halfling Rogue Medium
05-ALT Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (Invisible) Medium
06 Wood Elf Druid Medium

Tomb of AnnihilationEdit

Released: July 2017.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Redcap Small Common
02 Batiri Goblin Small Common Unmasked
03 Vegepygmy Small Common
04 Zorbo Small Common
05A Velociraptor Small Common Green
05B Velociraptor Small Common Red
06A Skeleton Key Medium Common Cross
06B Skeleton Key Medium Common Triangle
06C Skeleton Key Medium Common Key
07A Qawasha Medium Common
07A-ALT Qawasha (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
07B Human Druid Medium Common
08A Orc Medium Common Wielding axe
08B Orc Medium Common Wielding sword
09 Chultan Zombie Medium Common
10 Monodrone Medium Common
11 Su-Monster Medium Common
12A Firenewt Medium Common Wielding sword
12B Firenewt Medium Common Wielding fire
13 Aldani Medium Uncommon Unarmed
14 Vegepygmy Chief Medium Uncommon
15 Batiri Goblin Medium Uncommon Masked
16A Skeleton Medium Uncommon Wielding knive
16B Skeleton Medium Uncommon Wielding sword and shield
17 Aldani Medium Uncommon Wielding trident
18 Valindra Shadowmantle Medium Uncommon
18-ALT Valindra Shadowmantle (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
19 Duodrone Medium Uncommon
20A Werebear Medium Uncommon Wielding axe
20B Werebear Medium Uncommon Wielding hammer
21A Tabaxi Minstrel Medium Uncommon
21B Tabaxi Hunter Medium Uncommon
22 Artus Cimber Medium Uncommon
22-ALT Artus Cimber (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
23 Asharra Medium Uncommon
23-ALT Asharra (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
24 Yuan-Ti Broodguard Medium Uncommon
25A Dao Large Uncommon Wielding hammer
25B Dao Large Uncommon Wielding rocks
26A Merrow Large Uncommon Wielding hook
26B Merrow Large Uncommon Wielding trident
27 Kamadan Large Uncommon
28 Pterafolk Large Uncommon
29 Giant Scorpion Large Uncommon
30 Mantrap Large Uncommon
31 Girallon Large Uncommon
32A Nycaloth Large Uncommon Wielding axe
32B Nycaloth Large Uncommon Wielding sword
33 Ras Nsi Medium Rare
34 Ultroloth Medium Rare
34-ALT Ultroloth (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
35 Nothic Medium Rare
36 Nanny Pu' pu Medium Rare
36-ALT Nanny Pu' pu (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
37 Couatl Medium Rare
37-ALT Couatl (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
38 Acererak Medium Rare
38-ALT Acererak (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
39 Dragonbait Medium Rare
39-ALT Dragonbait (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
40 Minsc and Boo Medium Rare
40-ALT Minsc and Boo (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
41 Marilith Large Rare
42 Draegloth Large Rare
43 Stone Juggernaut Large Rare
44 Giant four-armed Gargoyle Medium Rare
Tombs and Traps Unique Case incentive
Acererak (Demilich) Unique 1 in set
Archway Unique 1 in set
Blade Trap Unique 4 in set
Boulder Pile Unique 4 in set
Death Mouth Statue Unique 1 in set
Fire Jet Trap Unique 4 in set
Magic Glyph Trap Unique 4 in set
Pile of Gold Unique 4 in set
Pit Trap Unique 4 in set
Potion Unique 4 in set
Sarcophagus Unique 1 in set
Scroll Unique 4 in set
Shield of Missile Attraction Unique 1 in set
Sword of Sharpness Unique 1 in set

Classic CreaturesEdit

Released: December 2017.

# Name Size Rarity Note
1 Orc Medium Wielding spear and shield
2 Orc Medium Wielding bow
3 Sahuagin Medium Wielding trident and javelin
4 Sahuagin mystic Medium
5 Ogre mage Large
6 Troll Large
7 Owlbear Large
8 Demogorgon Huge
9 Purple worm Gargantuan
10 Demogorgon Medium Unique Promotional bonus figure

Monster Menagerie IIIEdit

Released: March 2018.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Magmin Small Common
02a Magma mephit Small Common
02b Mud mephit Small Common
03 Stirge Small Common
04 Gazer Small Common
05 Kobold Small Common
06 Goblin Small Common
07 Gnoll Medium Common
08 Kuo-toa Medium Common
09 Death dog Medium Common
10a Vampire spawn Medium Common Yellow clothes
10b Vampire spawn Medium Common Green clothes
11a Gnome wizard Small Common Wielding dagger
11b Gnome wizard Small Common Casting spell
11b-ALT Gnome wizard (invisible) Small Ultra Rare Casting spell
12 Kraken priest Medium Common
13 Mezzoloth Medium Common
14 Winged kobold Small Uncommon
15 Nilbog Small Uncommon
15-ALT Nilbog (invisible) Small Ultra Rare
16 Gnoll flesh gnawer Medium Uncommon
17 Kuo-toa whip Medium Uncommon
18 Quadrone Medium Uncommon
19a Human bard Medium Uncommon Wielding spiked chain
19b Human bard Medium Uncommon Wielding lute
20a Dragonborn fighter Medium Uncommon Wielding sword
20a-ALT Dragonborn fighter (invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Wielding sword
20b Dragonborn fighter Medium Uncommon Wielding axe
21a Gray slaad Medium Uncommon Unarmed
21b Gray slaad Medium Uncommon Casting spell
22a Wereboar Medium Uncommon Wielding hammer
22a Wereboar Medium Uncommon Wielding axe
23 Sea spawn Medium Uncommon
24 Gibbering mouther Medium Uncommon
25a Empyrean Huge Uncommon Red clothes
25b Empyrean Huge Uncommon Green clothes
26a Cyclops Huge Uncommon Wielding axe
26b Cyclops Huge Uncommon Wielding club
27 Mouth of Grolantor Huge Uncommon
28a Hill giant Huge Uncommon Wielding spear
28b Hill giant Huge Uncommon Unarmed
29a Stone giant dreamwalker Huge Uncommon Wielding banner
29b Stone giant dreamwalker Huge Uncommon Wielding spear
30 Fire giant dreadnought Huge Uncommon
31 Frost giant Huge Uncommon Wielding axe
32 Frost giant Huge Uncommon Wielding sword
33 Bearded devil Medium Rare
34a Arcanaloth Medium Rare Unarmed
34b Arcanaloth Medium Rare Casting spell
35a Tiefling rogue Medium Rare Purple cloak
35b Tiefling rogue Medium Rare Black cloak
35-ALT Tiefling rogue (invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
36 Neogi Master Medium Rare
37a Ulitharid Large Rare Wielding staff
37b Ulitharid Large Rare Casting spell
38a Triton fighter Medium Rare Wielding shield
38b Triton fighter Medium Rare No shield
39a Aasimar paladin Medium Rare Wielding sword
39a-ALT Aasimar paladin (invisible) Medium Ultra Rare Wielding sword
39b Aasimar paladin Medium Rare Wielding flaming sword
40 Nameless One Medium Rare
40-ALT Nameless One (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
41 Storm giant quintessent Huge Rare
42 Frost giant everlasting one Huge Rare
43 Goblin hucker Large Rare
44 Storm giant Huge Rare
Kraken and Island Unique Case incentive
Island Unique 2 in set
Pirate treasure Unique 1 in set
Rowboat Unique 1 in set
Treasure chest Unique 1 in set
45a Kraken Gargantuan Unique 1 in set
45b Tentacle Large Unique 2 in set
45c Tentacle Large Unique 2 in set
45d Tentacle Large Unique 2 in set

Waterdeep: Dragon HeistEdit

Released: September 2018.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Cranium rat swarm Small Common
02 Darkling Medium Common Wielding single weapon
03 Vargouille Small Common Black hair
04a City Guard Medium Common Wielding spear
04b City Guard Medium Common Wielding sword
05a Noble Medium Common White clothes
05b Noble Medium Common Green clothes
06a Merchant Medium Common Wearing green
06b Merchant Medium Common Wearing purple
07a City Watch Medium Common Light skin
07b City Watch Medium Common Dark skin
08a Apprentice wizard Medium Common Wearing red
08b Apprentice wizard Medium Common Wearing blue
09 Ziraj the Hunter Medium Common
10 Mirt Medium Common
11 Human Sun Soul monk Medium Common
12a Dragonborn Draconic Sorcerer Medium Common Wearing green
12b Dragonborn Draconic Sorcerer Medium Common Wearing blue
13 Cambion devil Medium Common Wielding bow
14 Vargouille Small Uncommon Red hair
15 Darkling Medium Uncommon Wielding two weapons
16a Spy Medium Uncommon Wielding sword
16b Spy Medium Uncommon Wielding dagger
17 Cambion devil Medium Uncommon Wielding flaming sword
18 Slithering tracker Medium Uncommon
19 Renaer Neverember Medium Uncommon
20a Human warlock of the fiend Medium Uncommon Wearing red
20b Human warlock of the fiend Medium Uncommon Wearing purple
21a Wererat Medium Uncommon Unarmed
21b Wererat Medium Uncommon Wielding sword
22 Sun elf arcana cleric Medium Uncommon
23 The Black Viper Medium Uncommon
24 Animated door Medium Uncommon
25 Brown bear Large Uncommon
26a Annis hag Large Uncommon Holding skull
26b Annis hag Large Uncommon Casting lightning bolt
27 Shield guardian Large Uncommon
28 Pentadrone Large Rare
29 Lion Large Rare
30 Crocodile Large Rare
31 Dire wolf Large Rare
32a Pit fiend Large Rare Unarmed
32b Pit fiend Large Rare Wielding sword
33 Vajra Safahr Medium Rare
34 Durnan Medium Rare
35 Laeral Silverhand Medium Rare
36 Lady Ammalia Medium Rare
37 Manshoon Medium Rare
38 Jarlaxle Baenre Medium Rare
39 Lord Victoro Medium Rare
40 Volothamp Geddarm Medium Rare
41 Devourer Large Rare
42 Griffon Cavalry Large Rare
43 Elephant Huge Rare
44 Xanathar Large Rare
City of the Dead Statues and Monuments Unique Case incentive
Cloaked Man statue Unique 1 in set
Death Bed statue Unique 1 in set
Deva statue Unique 1 in set
Doomed Man statue Unique 1 in set
Dwarf and Death statue Unique 1 in set
Man and Skull statue Unique 1 in set
Sarcophagus A Unique 1 in set
Sarcophagus B Unique 1 in set
The Beseecher statue Unique 1 in set
Weeping Women statue Unique 1 in set

The Falling Star Sailing ShipEdit

Released: February 2019.

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad MageEdit

Released: March 2019.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Flumph Medium Common
02 Thug Medium Common Wielding mace
03 Veteran Medium Common Wielding one sword
04 Flying Sword Medium Common
05 Tressym Small Common
06 Grung Small Common
07 Tiefling Battlemaster Medium Common
07-ALT Tiefling Battlemaster (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
08 Intellect Devourer Small Common
09 Elf Cleric of the Grave Medium Common
10 Shadow Medium Common
11 Gnome Inquisitive Small Common
12 Gray Ooze Medium Common
13 Berserker Medium Common Male
14 Veteran Leader Medium Uncommon Wielding two swords
15 Thug Leader Medium Uncommon Wielding crossbow
16 Grung Elite Warrior Medium Uncommon
17 Berserker Medium Uncommon Female
18 Flesh Golem Medium Uncommon
18-ALT Flesh Golem (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
19 Piercer Medium Uncommon
20 Flind Medium Uncommon
21a Revenant Medium Uncommon Unarmed
21b Revenant Medium Uncommon Wielding rope
22 Bheur Hag Medium Uncommon
22-ALT Bheur Hag (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
23 Human Paladin of the Oath of Vengeance Medium Uncommon
23-ALT Human Paladin of the Oath of Vengeance (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
24 Human Storm Sorcerer Medium Uncommon
25 Froghemoth Huge Uncommon
26 Otto Large Uncommon
27 Behir Huge Uncommon
28 Scaladar Huge Uncommon
29 Beholder Zombie Large Uncommon
30 Muiral Large Uncommon
31 Goristro Huge Uncommon
32a Minotaur Skeleton Large Uncommon Wielding axe
32b Minotaur Skeleton Large Uncommon Wielding hammer
33 Archmage Medium Rare
34 Necromancer Medium Rare
34-ALT Necromancer (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
35 Zalthar Shadowdusk Medium Rare
36 Dezmyr Shadowdusk Medium Rare
36-ALT Dezmyr Shadowdusk (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
37 Tanarukk Medium Rare
37-ALT Tanarukk (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
38 Keresta Delvingstone Medium Rare
38-ALT Keresta Delvingstone (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
39 Arcturia Medium Rare
39-ALT Arcturia (Invisible) Medium Ultra Rare
40 Halaster Blackcloak Medium Rare
40-ALT Halaster Blackcloak (Invisible) Ultra Rare Rare
41 Trobriand Large Rare
42 Adult Remorhaz Huge Rare
43 Balor Huge Rare
44 Death Tyrant Large Rare
Halaster's Lab Unique Case incentive
Preserved Corpse – Laying Unique 2 in set
Preserved Corpse – Grasping Unique 2 in set
Book Shelf with Dragon Skull Unique 1 in set
Large Standing Candle Unique 1 in set
Ghost Lantern Unique 1 in set
Summoning Circle Unique 1 in set
Balor Claw Unique 1 in set
Hand and Eye of Vecna Unique 1 in set
Pseudodragon on Perch Unique 1 in set
Giant Hourglass Unique 1 in set
Book Pile Unique 1 in set
Familiar Cage Unique 1 in set
Halaster's wardrobe Unique 1 in set
Wizard's Table Unique 1 in set
Blank Table Unique 1 in set
Inactive Shield Guardian Unique 1 in set

Baldur's Gate: Descent into AvernusEdit

Released: September 2019.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Yeenoghu's Quasit Small Common
02 Babau Medium Common Unarmed
03 Spined Devil Medium Common Unarmed
04 Lemure Medium Common
05 Barnabas the Flameskull Small Common
06 Barbed Devil Medium Common
07 Reya Mantlemorn Medium Common
08 Falaster Fisk Medium Common
09 Abyssal Chicken Small Common
10 Merrenoloth Medium Common
11 Legion Imp Small Common
12 Yeenoghu's Dretch Medium Common
13 Merregon Medium Common Wielding ornate pole arm
14 Babau Medium Uncommon Wielding spear
15 Legion Spined Devil Medium Uncommon Wielding sword and shield
16 Legion Barbed Devil Medium Uncommon
17 Merregon Medium Uncommon Wielding unadorned polearm
18 Nupperibo Medium Uncommon
19 Bulezau Medium Uncommon
20 Maw Demon Medium Uncommon
21A Legion Bearded Devil Medium Uncommon Wielding spear
21B Legion Bearded Devil Medium Uncommon Wielding barbed spear
22 Scarla Truestrike Small Uncommon
23 Legion Erinyes Medium Uncommon
24 Mahadi Medium Uncommon
25 Glabrezu Large Uncommon
26 Yeenoghu's Hezrou Large Uncommon
27 Yeenoghu's Barlgura Large Uncommon
28 Yagnoloth Large Uncommon
29 Legion Ice Devil Large Uncommon
30 Legion Horned Devil Large Uncommon
31 Mickey the Flesh Golem Large Uncommon
32A Armanite Large Uncommon Unarmed
32B Armanite Large Uncommon Wielding lightning
33 Legion Chain Devil Medium Rare
34 Sylvira Savikas Medium Rare
35 Firbolg Druid Medium Rare
36 Amnizu Medium Rare
37 Mad Maggie Medium Rare
38 Olanthius Medium Rare
39 Haruman Medium Rare
40 Red Abishai Medium Rare
41 Legion Pit Fiend Large Rare
42 Legion Bone Devil Large Rare
43 Zariel Large Rare
44 Nightmare Large Rare
45 Narzugon Medium Rare
Infernal War Machine Gargantuan Unique Case incentive

Volo's & Mordenkainen's FoesEdit

Released: December 2019.

# Name Size Rarity Note
01 Bodak Medium Common
02 Derro Small Common Wielding hook
03 Gnoll Medium Common
04 Chitine Medium Common
05 Orc Claw of Luthic Medium Common
06 Tortle Medium Common
07 Iron Cobra Medium Common
08 Meenlock Small Common
09 Wood Woad Medium Common
10 Cave Fisher Medium Common
11 Korred Small Common
12 Choker Small Common
13 Meazel Medium Common Wielding sword
14 Derro Small Uncommon Wielding crossbow
15 Gnoll Pack Leader Medium Uncommon
16 Tortle Druid Medium Uncommon
17 Meazel Medium Uncommon Wielding rope
18 Spring Eladrin Medium Uncommon
19 Autumn Eladrin Medium Uncommon
20 Choldrith Medium Uncommon
21a Skull Lord Medium Uncommon Wielding staff
21b Skull Lord Medium Uncommon Casting spell
22 Maurezhi Medium Uncommon
23 Shadar-kai Shadow Dancer Medium Uncommon
24 Shadow Mastiff Medium Uncommon
25 Banderhobb Large Uncommon
26 Barghest Large Uncommon
27 Boneclaw Large Uncommon
28 Leucrotta Large Uncommon
29 Steel Predator Large Uncommon
30 Venom Troll Large Uncommon
31 Trapper Large Uncommon
32a Ogre Battering Ram Large Uncommon
32b Ogre Bolt Launcher Large Uncommon
33 Alhoon Medium Rare
34 Githzerai Anarch Medium Rare
35 Morkoth Medium Rare
36 Allip Medium Rare
37 Summer Eladrin Medium Rare
38 Winter Eladrin Medium Rare
39 Blue Abishai Medium Rare
40 Githyanki Supreme Commander Medium Rare
41 Death Kiss Large Rare
42 Marut Large Rare
43 Eidolon-Possessed Sacred Statue Large Rare
44 Spirit Troll Large Rare
The Elder Brain Unique Case incentive
Stalagmite Unique 2 in set
Double Stalagmite Unique 2 in set
Stalagmite Pillar Unique 2 in set
Elder Brain Huge Unique 1 in set
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