Idriane Nethis was a female human rogue who was an operative for the Shadow Thieves in Beregost.


Idriane was tall and thin with shiny black hair and beady dark eyes.


Soft-spoken, Idriane preferred to engage foes indirectly, using distraction and misdirection as her weapons. She was completely loyal to her guild but worried that she would be sacrificed to protect the identity of those she was covering for.


Her father was noted as being a turnip farmer. Her dusty brown owl familiar was named Xynn and rarely left its perch on her shoulder.


Idriane was a petty thief living on the outskirts of Soorenar. By her thirteenth winter, she was already the leader of a gang of unscrupulous youths. She later mistook a man as a simple, fat merchant but he turned out to be a Cloakmaster of the Shadow Thieves in disguise; however, instead of killing her, the Cloakmaster took the young Idriane under his wing and instructed her.

Idriane became a foil in Beregost, presenting herself as the lead agent of the Shadow Thieves in that town, but she really only held the rank of Silhouette.[1]



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