Iggwilv was an Oerthian archmage and demonologist. She wrote the Demonomicon of Iggwilv, a tome on demonic lore.[3]


Iggwilv had many confusing relationships with the demon prince Graz'zt. They were both lovers and enemies, their relationship constantly changing.[3] Iggwilv, along with Mordenkainen and Elminster, was one of the most powerful archmages in the multiverse.[citation needed]

The witch queen was an enemy of the Nine Hells, owing to her partial interest in Graz'zt. She had a quasit familiar, who acted as a spy for the evil queen. She was very wealthy, and had mansions throughout the material plane, the Abyss, and Hades. Each was guarded by an army of dretches, manes, and shadow demons.[citation needed]


Iggwilv was born in the world of Oerth. She was known as Natasha, and later Tasha, before adopting her alias of Iggwilv, although it was not clear whether any of those was her original name. She was credited with inventing the Tasha's hideous laughter spell,[1] which by the late 15th century DR was commonly used throughout Waterdeep as a security measure against burglars, usually coupled with a glyph of warding cast on rooftops.[4]

She later moved to the Niflheim layer of Hades.[2]



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